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Found 138 results

  1. A little late cuz I was busy with my valentine. But I was wondering what do you guys think is the best Muse love song (or mix)!
  2. I have been thinking, and I know it's going to be a long time before Matt Smith is ready to go. But I first heard Timescale Keeper recently, and thought it described the Doctor perfectly. So what if our Matt was the next regeneration. I believe he would accept if offered, and if enough people comment yes, then he might go audition.
  3. I was really hoping that Guitar Hero and MUSE would collaborate to come out with their own 'Guitar Hero MUSE'. Other bands have already have theirs such as Metallica, Aerosmith and The Beatles coming in soon. So, I've decided to have this poll to let all MUSE fans out there vote for this thread. Thanx. We love MUSE!
  4. I think it's about time that there was a photogenic Tom thread What can I say? He is sexy and deserves the recognition. Mmmmmmmmmm!
  5. According to Musewiki they played at least twice before Origin of Symmetry was released. First live performance of Shrinking Universe: Big Cat, Osaka, Japan 2000.10.12 Anyone has a recording or something because I'm so curious how this song sounds live!
  6. I was searching some Muse stuff on Amazon.de and guess what I found ... "The Resistance (The Album of the Twilight Band)" http://www.amazon.de/Resistance-Das-Album-Twilight-Band/dp/B002GZQYMK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1274748350&sr=1-1 They can't be serious ...
  7. Exactly what are his highest and lowest notes? I did a search of the boards here and didn't find anything, and this one place on the web I found says his highest note is an A, which is no help, since there was no mention of what octave this A is in (although its safe to say its rather high up), or how many octaves his range covers. So does anyone know?
  8. Ukrainian Muse fans unify in fight against very high prices for gig in Kyiv. We don't want tolerate the organizers' self-will. We love Muse. We want see Muse. But those prices are unacceptable!
  9. Well its a discussion we can have. There are a lot of songs that they have played on every concert since 2006. Like Starlight, Knights of cydonia and Supermassive black hole. But will these have to move fore the new songs or maybe the older songs have to move like New born and Stockholm syndrome
  10. How do you feel about the hierarchy in Muse? It apparently is so that it's the majority that decides, the three having even powers. As far as I know, Matt writes and composes most of the songs, and therefore has the most to say in how the song will sound like. Dom and Chris are "just" playing, although adding their own touch and ideas to each song. Don't get me wrong, I love the trio, but to a certain degree, I feel they are expendable. It's like Matt does most of the work, so wouldn't he be feeling that after the years? "I do the most work, so I should be the one to decide most." I think if it were any other band, the lead singer, especially one so solely responsible for the songs, would probably be the one with most to say. What do you think?
  11. Muse are going to be playing the great Lollapalooza in Chicago this August. The festival will be happening from 5 - 7 August at Grant Park. So if you would like to be there and see the band click on the link below to find out more about the festival and how to get tickets. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/755/muse-playing-at-lollapalooza/
  12. Thousands of music fans are this month regressing 20 years when they hear Primal Scream play Screamadelica. It was an album through which Bobby Gillespie and his band united the swaggering rock 'n' roll of The Rolling Stones with the ambient indie-rock of The Orb to create one of the most iconic records of the 1990s, and win the first-ever Mercury Prize. Few albums of that decade could be as equally worthy of being given the retrospective treatment. Ever since music promoters All Tomorrow's Parties launched Don't Look Back, the series in which they ask artists to perform classic albums in their entirety, with The Stooges playing Fun House at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2005, we have seen countless acts return to perform their legendary album in full. Belle & Sebastian (If You're Feeling Sinister), Gang Of Four (Entertainment), Ennio Morricone (classic film soundtracks) and Slint (Spiderland). Van Morrison revisited Astral Weeks on its 40th birthday in 2008, while Sonic Youth's performances of their influential Daydream Nation, the 1988 album that took them to the mainstream in America and which they revisited in 2007, earned them Time Out's Gig Of The Year. Once, the retrospective gig was a special rare occasion reserved for the most influential of bands and their most significant albums. Now it seems that everyone is doing it. Muse have announced that they will play Origin of Symmetry in its entirety at Reading and Leeds festivals this summer, while Owen Pallett is playing Heartland with the Britten Sinfonia next month at the Barbican and it feels as though the retrospective gig is going too far. It's not that I am not a fan of Muse. I stumbled upon them at Glastonbury 2000 en route to the Happy Mondays and forgot where I'd been headed, so alluring was their emotive rock and in 2009 I travelled to Teignmouth to watch them on their home turf. But surely the purpose of the retrospective gig is to take the fans back to that moment in time and pay tribute to what was a landmark in music. You can't really do that when the band in question is still creating similar-sounding albums. The magic is not only in the sense of nostalgia that a retrospective gig provides, but the weight that the album holds in the rock and pop annals and 10 years is not long enough a period to show that an album has truly stood the test of time. In May, Mercury Rev will perform Deserter's Songs, as well as re-releasing it. This is an album that was widely regarded by many as the best album of the year, NME and Mojo included. That Ash had already claimed that they would be releasing no further albums when they revisited their hits-filled 1977, helped create a sense of nostalgia and finality at the Roundhouse show, 12 years after its release. When Suede performed all five studio albums in their entirety at the ICA in 2003, it felt like the end of an era. The shows didn't just celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, but also marked several years since Suede were the Britpop band of the moment and the news that they were to split soon followed. With that history behind them, there will be even more sense of occasion when they perform three albums in their entirety later this summer. Muse, however, are at their peak, at a time when they headline festivals – last year's Glastonbury and, of course, this year's Reading and Leeds. It's hardly the stuff of retrospectives. But above all, to play an album in its entirety takes away that essential element to a gig – anticipation. Where is the fun when you know exactly what is coming next? It is special when a band unexpectedly launches into a song that has always been one's personal favourite. Origin of Symmetry boasts live favourites "Plug In Baby", "New Born", "Bliss" and "Feeling Good", but performing the near hour-long album will leave little room for the hits of their debut, Showbiz, and best of all, Absolution. It would be a shame to see some favourites missed out and the spontaneity of a live show stripped away. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/muse-nice-album-ndash-shame-about-the-concert-2266396.html
  13. Hey everyone, whats your itunes top 10 most listened to muse songs? Please let me know, im conducting a survey (more on dat soon) post the song and how many listens, please thanks jack ill post mine later
  14. The MUSE Family - We're all part of it Muse have the largest fan base of any other band in the world at the moment. We also have the best group of dedicated fans and it's no wander Muse can sell out Europe's biggest Stadiums. We are all part of one big family . We all have something in common with each other - The love for the Greatest band on Planet Earth, Muse. Everyone here is included, there are no exceptions. : Whether you are a pirate , a pussy , a pimp , or the Pope , there is always room for more people in the Muse Family!! Each one of us contributes to making a better Muse, whether voting in the Set List polls earlier this summer or sharing your views here in the Forum. Even if you have a HUGE afro , you still make a better Muse! We all make a difference, it may not seem like we make much of a difference, but we do. Therefore I ask, that if you see someone wearing a Muse T-Shirt, treat them as though they are part of your very own Muse family. It would be awesome to have a random Muse chat with fellow Muse-family members on the street or in your hometown or wherever, so please remember this next time you see someone wearing a Muse t-shirt or likewise. Also, at Muse gigs, I don't think there is enough mingling with fellow Musers. It's the perfect opportunity to talk to each other! At the Saturday night (5th September 2009) Seaside Rendezvous gig, there was a group of Musers (Including myself) queiuing from 8am. When we got into the gig, we protected each other from other annoying people who like pushing past and throwing bottles at people (You know who you are...) and it felt like a really community. Alice Darlington and Emily Wolstenholme (Presumably not Chris' daughter?) praised the "great atmousphere" at the Muse gigs and said that "You don't get that kind of atmousphere at other bands' gigs". Matt, Dom and Chris are like the parents (In a non-dodgy, non gay way!) in the family, and we are the all important other members of the family. Without us, Muse would never be what it is today, we have all helped shaped what Muse is, whether it's buying records, merchandise or posting on forums and sharing views etc. We all have our own opinions, whether on songs/albums/radiohead /Live/The Fat Cats/The Future/Conspiracy Theories or likewise, but we all share the same love for Muse. Nobody is perfect, so we can excuse Matt for writing Guiding Light. Lets just enjoy the great music we have and look forward to an amazing future. You may not think it, but Muse really do love their fans. Even recently at the Big Day Out in Australia, Matt got off the plane with Lilly Allen to see hundreds of screaming fans wanting his autograph. Lilly Allen snubbed her fans and told them to "Fuck off" while making a rather spiteful gesture. Matt Bellamy could so easily have said "Hurgh Hurgh, wankers!!" but he didn't he gave his time to stay behind and get photo's with his fans and sign autographs. I met Chris in Teignmouth, I asked him to sign my Origin of Symmetry CD. Unfortunately, as it was chucking it down with rain, the pen wouldn't stay on the CD, so he said "It's ok, we will try over here" he walked under a tree (Where there was no rain) and he signed it pwoperly!! His 2 other friends had left without him. But It goes to show that Chris and Muse do stuff even though they don't have to. Like my teacher says, it's always best to go the extra mile! Muse also arranged a wordwide 'Treasure Hunt' which involved all the fans across the globe. Muse didn't have to do it, but they did it anyway. They are one of the only band that regularly arrange to answer fans questions. They also arranged for a poll to be set up to see which songs the fans wanted playing. Admittedly, on a couple gigs, they haven't played many of the songs in the Top 5 most voted for, but they have certainly provided a more varied Festival Set List. They included Bliss, Citizen Erased and even started 2 gigs with Plug In Baby! Never think they don't care, coz they do. Lastly, they also thought outside of the box, and included hundreds of fans in every gig by putting pictures of their faces on the big screens during "Nische". Admittedly, it was quite hard to find my picture up there! But I bet it was a good feeling for the fans who could actually see their faces up there! So thanks fellow Musers, fellow members of the Muse family! Post here if you have any ideas on making it a happier Muse family. >>>>>>>SPREAD-THE-WORD-OF-THE-MUSE-FAMILY<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>THEY-WILL-NOT-CONTROL-US<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WE-WILL-BE-VICTORIOUS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LET-OUR-HEARTS-IGNITE because TOGETHER WE'RE INVINCIBLE
  15. How would you rate Absolution? Feel free to give a short review including: Good things about the album Bad things about the album Best track Worst track Favourite moment
  16. How would you rate the album showbiz? Feel free to give a short review including: Good things about the album Bad things about the album Best track Worst track Favourite moment
  17. We are very pleased to announce that Muse will be headlining the Saturday night at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco on 13 August. The festival takes place in Golden Gate Park from 12 - 14 August. For more information on the line up and how to buy tickets check out the festival website or the muse.mu tour date on the links below. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/751/muse-to-headline-outside-lands-festival/
  18. Sorry, I just put it through Google Translate and changed a couple of names that it translated funny. SOURCE
  19. http://www.nme.com/news/muse/55580 I don't know what to think about this. On the one hand he's talking about revisiting that era but on the other, saying goodbye to it. It will be interesting to see the whole interview.
  20. Last night in LA, Muse won the GRAMMY award for Best Rock Album (for The Resistance)! The band also performed Uprising at the awards. To watch highlights from the red carpet and backstage, check out the GRAMMYs website on the link below. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/743/muse-win-at-the-grammys/
  21. According to Warner Argentina: Mañana no te pierdas a @Muse en vivo en Cual Es? "Tomorrow don't miss Muse live on Cual Es?" Station's website: http://www.cuales.fm It confirms Muse will be on tomorrow (and will broadcast live from the stadium Wed) but don't say at what time. There's a button to listen & watch live, but I can't get their software to work - I think due to my firewall. If anyone can record this, would appreciate it.
  22. found this interesting little vid on youtube the glitterati takes flight
  23. this has most definately been posted before but i did search and found nothing. Seeing as it was Dom's birthday yesterday i thought we should commemorate his uber talentedness by asking: what's your favourite drumming 'sequence' in a muse song? im stuck on this one. i really love the drumming on MOTP. and Invincible. But also New Born. and Hoodoo. and B&H. see, told u i was stuck!!
  24. I recently just got back to listening to The Resistance non-stop... (Let England Shake and King of Limbs were the only ones in my playlist for the past month ) What an incredible album! I came across a cool list of what people think is the best track from The Resistance. Have a look: http://www.zaysay.com/list/best-muse-songs-from-the-resistance I ranked Undisclosed Desires as my #1, followed by Guiding Light and Resistance. What is your favorite?
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