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Found 138 results

  1. Just done a search and oh my god.. no appreciation thread for megalomania? well, now there is my favourite muse song, just fuckin fantastic, more stirring than exogenesis (imo) with some of their best lyrics. (lol if it turns out there is a megalomania appreciation thread already.)
  2. If he disagrees with music producers, it is because they are wrong. He once was accused of harassing a female fan who was upset because he would not keep harassing her. He’s a lover, not a fighter, but he’s also a rocker, so don’t get any ideas. Even his parents’ advice is insightful. The Muse fan shirts with him on the front never wrinkle. The sold out stadiums where he performs can be seen from outer space and aliens often tune in. He once spanked a female magician on stage. That’s right. You heard me. If a monument was built in his honor, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would close, due to poor attendance. His pillow talk is years ahead of it’s time. The toughest rock-stars in the business have been offered to fight him and all flat out refuse. He has only fallen off of stage to dismount. He has been known to cure women of frigidness, just by walking into the room. When it is raining at his concerts, it is because he is sad. Even if he forgets to put postage on fan mail, it gets there. He once had an uncomfortable moment at a concert, just to see what it was like. His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him. Women want him; men want to be him. He is Matthew Bellamy – the most interesting rock-star in the world!!!
  3. Ok so here's an idea. There are tons of great Muse songs out there that don't get the recognition they deserve. So here's what I put to you. Rather than creating seven or eight threads which are on the main board to discuss these lesser lights, I have created this thread. If you like, it's a progressive song discussion thread. Each week (or two if we come to a good one) we discuss a different song. We go through album tracks, b-sides and others. Talk about what you like, what you don't like. If the song ranks in your top Muse songs - and if so, where? What you think couldve been improved. This is the first thread I have created on the board. I'm hoping we get some good discussion going and to ensure the thread stays true, I'm employing a rule that discussion is only limited to the song we are talking about and not any one after it. I got this idea from a forum for the "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" TV series where they had one thread which discussed each episode in depth for two weeks. I thought given there are around 147 episodes, that was a better idea than having episode discussion threads. So that is why I saw the merits in this one too. So what are everyone's thoughts about this idea? If people like it we will dive right into Sunburn. I understand if Mods think this falls under the heading of 'already a thread on this' as I am sure most songs have their own discussion threads but I think this idea is good because it discusses every song, especially the ones that get overlooked. So I'm starting with Sunburn. I'll write my thoughts up about this song a little later.
  4. Hey Ive recently edited and uploaded some spoof trailers starring Muse for a laugh, I thought Id post here to share them with you all for those who havent found them yet... War of the worlds: Matt Bond: Doctor Who: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udscfIatz_E Any sujestions for any future trailer edits? btw, a trailer for my next Muse DVD release will be up very shortly
  5. There has been a bit of discussion in various threads about the lengths that many of us will go to, to see the best live band on the planet perform. So, why not a club for the truly obsessive world-traveling Musers? We will need input on criteria for eligibility; certainly anyone who travels to another country or state, or other long-distance travel, is in like Flynn! HelenT and I, both veterans of multiple trans-Atlantic journeys to see the band perform, have been nominated as presidents; co-presidents, one from UK and one from US sounds even better, we accept! (Can I speak for you, Helen?) I would nominate Liron for an official officer, as she has been from Israel to France, then to UK (separate trip), and also to the US, with coast-to-coast band-following and multiple gigs. Any other likely candidates for WTFM membership or officers? A few who pop into my head: ocean5 Sylvie Arman Firebaptist maccah hyper forwen althea satan kiernana aur0bells canuxfan44 (Edit: more added! The list keeps growing...) judderman theangelthatislo Britrock bucjo Zoja Charming queen After8 lostkiwibird MelAssassin GeorgyDrachenkoeter Blackwings Timrich citizen_pb cgreen AllSoArty Dutch Krnflakgrl sools Sebso Purplesum Poison ver.2.0 Evilduck J33-3 Don't be offended if I forgot to mention you (cut me some slack; I'm old!)----just copy the list and add away!! And I assume anyone listed will be going to MuseFest.....! EDIT: there is no way now to keep this list up to date, the list has grown too huge!
  6. The definitive poll on which muse song is best. I have included six songs from each of the first 4 albums to vote for, plus five B-Sides that often pop up on the board. My apologies if I have missed out on your favourite, please comment on it if its missing and make your voice heard! Get Voting!
  7. (Sorry for the stupid title) Hello there. I was thinking the other day that maybe some parts of our voice tends to «die out» as we grow older. Do you think Matthew is able to reach the peak of his falsetto like he used to*? I notice that on Micro Cuts, a song they always seem to play at the same pitch, there is the legendary performance, Hullaboloo, and then there is the Wembley 2006 live performance, which I used for comparison. While the latter one is not a bad performance per se, it seems that Matthew sort of lucks through the song by shortening some of his singing, blur some of the vocals, and he does not scream with the same intensity as he did in Hullaboloo (or on the studio version, for that matter). Maybe he had to dial it down in order to hit the notes? Do you think Matt has to calm down on his voice because he can't reach those high notes or am I simply making mountains out of molehills? I've seen a lot of people claiming his falsetto has «changed», do you think this is the case? * Ca. 2000-2002
  8. How would you rate Origin of Symmetry? Feel free to give a short review including: Good things about the album Bad things about the album Best track Worst track Favourite moment
  9. Only 3 more days until Muse will be here to start their Australian Tour! We've had four instances of them being in the media last week, so I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread where we can post links to interviews, scans of magazines articles etc. There's bound to be more. Thanks to some industrious Musers this is what we have so far: (I've checked with Olly that it's ok to repost these) http://streetpress.com.au/online_mags/DM/DM_1036/ http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/features/26402/Muse http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/living-a-dream-20101125-188o6.html http://blogs.abc.net.au/triplej/2010/11/muse.html And this is from Erato's blog: http://erato1.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/muse-on-the-cover-of-triple-j-magazine-2010-scans/ Looking forward to seeing lots more Muse in the Australian Media!
  10. Hello there! I'm not a classical music lover, but I suppose it will be easier for me to start listenning it if I find something familiar, maybe some Muse tunes. What would you recommend? I'm also interested in composers whose influences are clearly heard in Muse music, maybe you can point on some song and show the "quotation"? Anyone?
  11. From http://www.facebook.com/coachella SAVE THE DATE Saturday, July 30 in Los Angeles Rage Against The Machine, Muse, Rise Against & More Stay tuned for details Same information posted on Goldenvoice facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goldenvoice From Rage Against The Machine: http://www.ratm.com/ Breaking News 4/18/11 Confirming this post yesterday on the Coachella and Goldenvoice Facebook pages. SAVE THE DATE! Official Event Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LArising Set times: 12:00pm GA Floor Doors 1:00pm Doors (All) 3:00pm El Gran Silencio 4:00pm Immortal Technique 5:20pm Ms. Lauryn Hill 6:50pm Rise Against 8:20pm Muse 10:20pm Rage Against The Machine 11:50pm the end
  12. YET ANOTHER BLOODY APPRECIATION THREAD!111!!! But I'm shocked no one has made a thread for it, I fucking ADORE this song! It's just sooooooo it's wicked! It makes me go insane and cures everything, particularly rage And it reminds me of Red Matteh in his good ol' screamo OoS era days... when Muse were more free souls shall we say! Anyways, appreciate this Monster of a choooooon
  13. Do your family like the band? Hate them? Have they learnt to tolerate them? () My dad says he "likes" them, but couldn't listen to them for a long time because they start to sound too similar. My mum likes them, and she sat through HAARP and was enjoying it. So proud My sister though, despises them. She came home the other day to me playing the HAARP DVD, and proceeded to sit as far away from the TV as possible, with ears blocked, complaining about how they were so 'emo' and that it was giving her a headache. She doesn't know real music though. My other sister likes some of their songs. The mainstream songs :/. She loves Uprising and SMBH. How about you? Couldn't find another thread on this, but delete if there is one.
  14. Guest

    Best/Worst Muse Video

    What are your favourite and least favourite Muse vids? Not the song, just based only on the video for the track. Mine are: Best - Time Is Running Out Worst - Uno
  15. Hello there to you all, I've just joined here and have noticed the artsy section I happen to like cartooning a lot, and recently some of my classmates have been requesting me to draw celebrities for them, which has led me to drawing Muse Cartoons for myself. I've just started out with this style and as of late have been trying to improve. I'd like to share them with you, and get an honest opinion, if you don't mind (visit my page to see other cartoons and drawings and rot, as well as full descriptions on the pictures): the first one... squash the ladybeetle! just because I've noticed Matt's taken a lot of hits from wearing women's tops this one was kind of a request... Ack, hope these aren't too big... Sorry, I'm very new to forums. Please give feedback!
  16. Yes they have only just finished playing UK, and yes they have most of the world left to play, but the gig I went to was just that good I already want to re-live it!!!!! Does anyone know if there are plans for a Resistance Tour DVD a la Absolution DVD?
  17. As you tube is growing more and more I think it's a good idea to keep you tube related subject in here. There are so many finds on youtube and it's pointless having a new thread for each find. My first main find is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AmukAr2E5c&search=muse%20live It's Sober live in 2000, but it's called If Only, and the layout and lyrics have been changed. I could understand if the performance was from before the album's release, but I just don't understand it. Can anyone shed any light on this. And the most incredible performance of hysteria I have ever seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYGGf6-sDFU&search=brit%20awards%20muse Best performance of Falling Down I can find:
  18. It can't be this "Escape Demo", just can't be... it's old and has nothing to do with the future. Plus it's terrible. And it hasn't been promoted on the offical site's home page. There will be one... there's one every year JUST before Christmas. Also it's something speical normally. I reckon it'll be a snippet of some new material or something. Or... something from Marlay Park. What do you think?
  19. I didn't know if a thread like this already existed, but when I searched "facebook" I got a freakishly large amount of results and didn't really wanna weed through them all. But anyhoo; I though these were funny. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/saying-Oh-Matthew-Bellamy-instead-of-Oh-God/131498060214656 http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Matthew-Bellamy-is-too-beautiful-to-be-considered-human/104345322938084 http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Team-Jacob-Team-Edward-Fuck-that-Im-in-Team-Matt-Bellamy/126790400675854?ref=search have y'all seen any others?
  20. What muse song can you just stop listening to? Right now for me it's Starlight (Acoustic Instrumental) Live
  21. jackparker

    LCCC Bootleg

    Hey is there a bootleg for the LCCC Gig? I can't find one on muselive! Thanks!
  22. Couldn't see a thread about this anywhere. Odd, thought this news would have been up here somewhere already. But yeah, apparently OUI FM are going to broadcast the whole Reading Set. Bullshit or not, i don't know yet but i'll be tuning in anyhow. Sunday evening at some point. http://www.ouifm.fr/muse-live-at-reading-festival
  23. I don't know how this will work out but I just thought since there has been so much negativity lately towards Muse on the forums it seems that it would be a nice idea to have a thread where ONLY positive things could be said. You don't have to say you love The Resistance or that it's your favorite album and you don't have to agree with everything said here but let's try to keep the debating in this thread to a minimum. You can say even the littlest things like: "I like the way how the jet sounds in Collateral Damage flow into Guiding Light" Edit: I'm just making sure people know that this isn't a place to review both the good and bad aspects of The Resistance but just to give praise and appreciation for it.
  24. Hello everyone!  Sadly I'm one. So I have been spending a lot of time searching for a guitar closest to Matt's Manson, in tones and sounds. And now also after long time listening and looking, I think I have the answer: the HSS Start (sometimes SSS Start) or HH tele.  Generally, and quite natually, we would think that a Gibson/Epiphone is the most similar guitar to Manson, since they both are famous for the fat overdriven sounding, and have the same HH position. And Matt even used a Gibson LP DC Lite as his main guitar during his early Showbiz Live. I also had this kind of opinion for quite a long time.  But recently I found I was wrong. It is NOT:  1. If you listen carefully, you will find that most of the songs' rhythm guitar lines (the guitar lines backing his vocal) produce a much Fender-like "twang" sound (Time is running out, Darkshine, etc). And this happens more in studio version, because Matt uses more gain on his Live (maybe he switchs neck to bridge). (Supermassive black hole, Knights of Cydonia, etc)  2. Look at the Manson guitars, all of the neck pickups are P-90s (Manson MBK-1) or Fernandes Sustainer. SO they are single coils. They are not humbucker (MBK-2 or MBK-3) (Look at the dots on the pickup). So they actually are HS guitars. (M1D1 Black even has two P-90s as the bridge pickup. I don't know why Matt is so in love with P-90 xD). While all Gibson have HH or P-90/P-90.  3. The overdrive. They produce kind of a BRIGHTER sound, even for their darkest metal song (Stockholm Syndrome, The small print), which could easily be disinguished from other metal (Listen to a metal song, then listen to Muse). It is like a bridge pickup overdriven Start or Tele. While Gibson are much fatter and deeper, and not the same kind. Further, I guess the Gibson LP DC Lite was also less fatter and deeper. And Matt did use a Tele during "Battle of Bands" before they were signed ( ).  4. I find some musicians, who switched from Gibson to Fender, said that the Gibson sound are too fat that even affects the vocal performance during Live shows. So maybe Matt has the same kind of thoughts, so his Manson are more like Fender.  So in conclusion, in my opinion, a Fender/Squier HSS Start or HH Tele produces the most similar sounding and tone to Matt's Manson, but not Gibson. And hopefully, we could all get a real amazing Manson one day!  PS: I recently find the new Fender Blacktop Tele sounds so much like the Manson! Not to mention the shape and the silver finish! Strongly recommand to check that.  Thank you all for taking your time reading that!  We Muse and Muse fans are the universe!
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