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  1. Hey, Small article with an interview with Chris in Brisbane's Courier Mail this morning. Â Â Â Â BRITISH band Muse had never heard of the brunette, slightly shy author, who met them backstage in Phoenix, Arizona. She proclaimed to be a huge fan, and had written a book to their music, which was about to be published. If it was ever turned into a film, she told them, she'd love to include them on the soundtrack. That was about seven years ago, before Twilight author Stephenie Meyer had hit it big. ``We had no idea who she was or what her books and the film were about to do,'' remembers Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme. Â But the band, who have long been a success in the UK, Europe and Australia, have Ms Meyer to thank for expanding their US audience. Their songs appear on all three film soundtracks. While they used to trawl the country playing small clubs, this year they returned to play full-size arena venues. Â It's an association Chris is happy about, contrary to some media reports. ``There was a bit of press where I supposedly was slagging (Twilight) off, saying I hated being on it and it was the biggest load of bollocks I ever heard. I said I think it was a good thing for the band. ``It was quite upsetting at the time, because obviously we know Stephenie Meyer. It all came out very, very wrong and I felt absolutely awful about it.'' The band recently got official recognition in the US receiving their first American Music Award. And Wolstenholme also had some good news of a more personal variety. His wife recently gave birth to their fifth child. ``Little Buster, he was born just a month ago,'' says the proud dad. The band had to cancel a few shows, but are back on the road in Australia, kicking off their tour in Brisbane tonight. Â Being in a band and having five kids can't be an easy thing to manage, but Chris, 33, has it sorted. ``To be quite honest, once you've gone past three, it doesn't really make much difference every one you add really,'' he says. ``I love having a big family. I always wanted to have a big family.'' The clan live in Dublin, where Chris recently moved from the band's old stomping ground of Devon. While all three band members lived in different countries for a while, there are plans afoot for the three to return to London. ``I think it will be the first time in 12 years all three of us will live in the same place, which will be great for making the album.'' Chris and his bandmates Matt Bellamy (singer-guitarist) and Dominic Howard (drums) have known each other since they were 15. There are a few skeletons in the photographic cupboard especially of the young Bellamy. ``He looked quite weird when I first met him,'' says Chris. ``He used to wear track suits and have this flat-top haircut. Matt was leaning more towards the sports group. He was into his hip-hop. And then he met Dom, and asked if he could join his band. I think he sort of wanted to pick up a guitar and join a cool band to meet all the cool girls. So, you know, in six months he had long hair and was wearing jeans with holes in and looked like the rest of us.'' Sally Browne Muse play Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight and tomorrow night, Ticketek 132Â 849 Â Â link: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/musing-on-international-success/story-fn6cc53j-1225965726924
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