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  1. I know you're talking general tone, but that Fallon performance was awful. Talk show performances always have horrible EQing, the start was hard to listen to. Nothing was jiving and the tone is not good.
  2. The chrome bomber always tended to give off color hues consistent with this albums color-scheme if you will, but I've got to imagine chances of seeing another one of those is approaching zero.
  3. Theories on any new MB models for this album aesthetic (if any), aside from the obvious laser fret markers?
  4. Anyone seen Radiohead on their current tour? Managed to see them last week and the show was fantastic. Thom's voice sounded fairly on point too compared to some audio I'd heard from shows within the last year or two. The only complaint I had was the middle of the setlist was a bit of a drag.
  5. Some guy doing a gear purge on Reverb I guess, so right place, right time. Submitted a way lowball offer and it got accepted with no counter. Still keeping an eye out for a Works Wednesday, though I'm sure whether one is happening this year or not.
  6. Managed to get a used MA-2 EVO in satin black with machined heads, sustainiac, coil tap, upgraded control knobs, and a few other upgrades for $1100 USD. Wasn't really in the market, but seemed too good a deal to pass up.
  7. I wouldn't pay that for one of MB's own personal guitars (except maybe a few ) let alone a HM signed Cort
  8. Anyone looking for a killer deal? https://www.ebay.com/itm/cort-mbc-1-matt-bellamy-signature-guitar-signed-by-hugh-manson-/142796690884
  9. I'm running it with a compressor and the fulldrive 2 and it starts kicking in some grit around 3 volume on the amp. Enough to be satisfied with at that volume anyways. I haven't tried the OCD, but if I'm looking for more dirt, that's what the Marshall is for.
  10. Yeah, the '65 RI. Never really realized how many artists have one of them in their rig. It's a great amp. Takes a little more than apartment volume to really drive the tubes without pedals, but it's fantastic regardless.
  11. Totally off topic on the current conversation, but I got a Fender Deluxe Reverb yesterday and man does that thing do cleans well. Takes pedals pretty well too when you want anything other than clean. Serves apartment living significantly better than the 100W Marshall TSL
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