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    Born and raised in California. Have struggled with various mental/physical health issues since I was little, some due to genetics and others due to the fact that I was born a month early. Grew up surrounded by a cemetery (weird I know). And moved to a wealthy community when I turned 6 and never really fit in. Been listening to Muse since I was 8/9. I fell in love with the conspiracy side of things as my whole family believes in that kind of stuff. Lots of ups and downs is all I can say, but the band has given me so much and in all honesty one of my biggest dreams is just to be able to tell them that.
    Also, not a big fan of crowds.
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    I'm interested in biological and environmental sciences as well as music. I play drums in both the school band and at one point my own band.I'm experienced with graphics and photoshop and love seeing various art styles and original characters. Above all I enjoy taking part in nonprofit/ charity work in the LA community.
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    Besides Muse:
    Foo Fighters
    The Killers
    Of Monsters and Men
    Pink Floyd
    Royal Blood
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    Am I allowed to put HAARP in favorite films? No? Um...
    God Bless America
    Inside Man
    How to Change the World
    Sex Ed
  • Favourite TV Shows
    The Office
    Bojack Horseman
    Bob's Burgers
    Parks and Rec
    The X-Files
    The Twilight Zone
  • Favourite Books
    The Sixth Extinction
    Animal Farm
    Fahrenheit 451
    Ray Bradbury Short Stories
    World on the Edge
    The Filter Bubble
    Last Child in the Woods
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Cave 1
    Cave 2
    Muscle Museum 1
    Muscle Museum 2
    Sunburn 1
    Sunburn 2
    Unintended 1
    Unintended 2
    (all above from original Fr Showbiz box)
    Uno GB CD
    UK Showbiz (EastWest)
    Christmas Special 1999 (unofficial)
    Random 1-8
    Plug in Baby 1
    New Born CD1
    US Gold Stamped Origin of Symmetry (H8 misprint)
    In Your World/ Dead Star 2
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack 1 & 2
    Absolution w/ misprint inlay
    Welcome to the Sydney Syndrome (unofficial)
    Hysteria Collection 2001-2004 (unofficial)
    US Black Holes and Revelations
    UK Black Holes and Revelations w/ Mars inlay
    Black Holes and Revelations CD+DVD Limited Tour Edition
    UK Uprising Single
    US The Resistance
    UK The Resistance
    US The 2nd Law
    UK The 2nd Law (sealed)
    2013 Grammy Nominees
    US Live at Rome
    UK Live at Rome (sealed)
    Austin City Limits 2013
    Drones (4 in total, 1 sealed)
    Drones CD/DVD deluxe
    Showbiz US 12" vinyl
    Origin of Symmetry US 12" vinyl
    Absolution US 12" vinyl
    BHaR US 12" vinyl
    The Resistance US 12&quo
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    09/25/10-Los Angeles, CA::Staples Center (day before Santa/Glitterati died)
    07/30/11- Los Angeles, CA:: LA Memorial Coliseum at LA Rising w/ RATM (missed)
    08/13/11-San Francisco, CA::Outside Lands Festival (gig before OoS 10yrs)
    01/24/13- Los Angeles, CA::Staples Center (only time 'Sign 'O the Times' was played)
    02/08/13- Los Angeles, CA:: Grammy Museum (missed)
    05/15/15-Los Angeles, CA::The Mayan (missed)
    05/16/15-Irvine, CA:: KROQ's Weenie Roast y Fiesta (largest gig of the Psycho tour)
    12/18/15- Los Angeles, CA::Staples Center (missed)
    12/19/15- Los Angeles, CA:: Staples Center (VIP barricade and was noticed by all the guys. Made Dom smile and almost mess up TIRO and Starlight. Had harmonica taken by huge tall guy.)
    02/15/16- Los Angeles, CA::Staples Center/ Microsoft Theater (snuck into Grammy awards to see the guys. They were, of course, late)
    Feel free to ask me about any live shows as I've had the wonderful ability to see so many different bands live.
  1. Hello all, The main focus of this thread is logistics of the speculated ‘Muse Rarities Tour’, an idea born out of Twitter after the Montreux Jazz Fest gig, and the possibility of voting for a few rare songs each show. Many of the fans are interested in a tour based on the B-sides and rarities of Muse’s discography, including tracks never played live or tracks that haven’t been played in many years. The hashtags #museraritiestour and #musebyrequest have been introduced to both Twitter and Instagram and have become somewhat of popular ideas amongst the fans, as well as the idea of voting to see more “deep cuts” live. A “by request” club tour petition has already been started by Karen Grey, who got the idea of a smaller club tour to the band back in 2014/15. The petition has already gained a lot of support with over 200 signatures within the first few hours. She will be contacting larger media such as NME and Gigwise and eventually Muse management, as she did last time. The link for said petition is: https://www.change.org/p/muse-by-request-club-tour After the Montreux gig, Matt also mentioned the possibility for fans to vote for setlists via polls, though he was unsure about how to make it available internationally and in a fair way. If the rarities/club tour idea doesn't work out, it is possible that we set up a poll to decide a few songs we'd like to hear, rather than putting the band on the spot with signs like always. The set up for this would be that as each group of tour dates is announced on the website, there will be a poll with maybe 5 songs the BAND is comfortable playing and then fans will choose 1/2 they would want to hear. This would allow them to rehearse these songs and be comfortable with them beforehand as well as giving fans the older songs they've been asking for. Additionally, it prevents the casual listener from being alienated by a show with only 'rare' songs. This would mean we’d need to get in contact with the band and have polling options installed via the website, or have a complete ‘Muse poll’ website dedicated to it that the band can link people to. ****Please do remember that the goal is NOT to pressure the band into something they are uncomfortable with and if they decide against playing these songs, then it's their decision. They do not ‘owe’ us anything, so please keep messages to the guys positive and kind if you do mention it to them on social media with #museraritiestour**** Please comment any questions or concerns with these ideas, or even support. Let's shoot for the moon, we'll land somewhere amongst the stars.
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