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  1. Thanks for sharing your codes! My "old one" didn´t work, but one of yours did. So I will go to Copenhagen and Berlin!
  2. That´s right! I managed to get tickets for SBE about 1 one hour after the second sale started. So keep on clicking ;-)
  3. YYYYEEESSSS!! finally got 2 tickets GA/stall! i was just about to give up and close the window, but one more click ... and then it appeared! I am soooo happy.... and I hope it will be streamed for all those who were not that lucky....
  4. I've booked the “Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel“ and they seem to have a parking space.
  5. Yeah, that was working! Thank you so much!!
  6. Hi there, is there anyone else who had trouble in ordering tickets for the Eiffel tower event? When I try to order (from Germany), I always get the message: "credit card number is not correct" and I checked it at least 3 times....
  7. I will come from Germany.... I cannot confirm if there is no seated area, but when I bought my ticket, only GA/standing was available....
  8. It's the same with my receipt. There is only a number on it, but I printed the mail so my email-adress (including my Name) is visible. Hope that will do....
  9. Hey there, oh yes, "Will Call"-Tix... How does it work? very interesting for me, too.....
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