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  1. Hi Everyone, I’m writing because I have a problem with my Muse concert ticket I’ve bought via muse.mu in september 2015. I’ve bought 2 tickets for the concert in Milan of may 14th, but on that night I’ll have a flight and so it’s impossible for me taking part at the concert. As you guys have taken the tickets via muse.mu you know that I don’t have physically them, but I’d have to take that tickets on the same day of the concert at the venue and when I’ve bought them this things was written on the –mail: The thing I want to know is: can I give my two tickets at two friends of mine? How does “will call” ticket work? Must I go at the venue, take my tickets and only after that I could give my tickets to my friends? Usually at what time can I take my tickets? I've read something in other concert sites, but I just want to know experiences about all people which went to a Drones Tour Concert with my same ticket. Thanks in advance Marco
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