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    VIP in Lisbon

    Hello, I attended the concert recently in Lisbon, having purchased a VIP ticket. The vendor for the VIP ticket turned out to be CID Entertainment. I have seen Muse three times previously (awesome gigs) so I decided to splurge on the VIP this time - it was advertised as having a private reception (open until 8 p.m.), standing room at the front of the stage, expedited entry with no wait, and a private merchandising area. NONE OF THESE was provided, except for a small reception with meagre hors d'oeuvres. Although there was a separate entrance, only one ticket-holder was being processed at a time and it took quite a while. By the time I got in, I purchased a drink and looked at the MUSEum. I then asked about the private merchandising area, and was told it was in the main auditorium - which was opening to the general public in about five minutes (at 6:30 p.m.)! So - no private merchandising area at all. I then had to wait to be escorted from the reception to the main auditorium. I got there just as the main doors were opening and people came streaming in. There was no private merchandising area. There was no area at the front of the stage for VIP ticket holders. There were people in front of me who had paid for the cheapest seats in the house. If I had stayed a little longer at the reception area, I would have been very far from the stage - so why even bother having it open until 8 p.m.? The whole VIP experience was terribly disappointing and a waste of money, and it definitely affected my whole experience at the concert .I have contacted the vendor, CID Entertainment, but their response has been nothing but platitudes, saying that I got what was advertised, which is not at all the case. I really hope I can get some satisfaction or response from the folks at muse.mu. Thanks!
  2. Super-pumped about tonight's show; I have VIP tickets and I can't wait!! It'll be my fourth Muse concert - best live band ever!
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