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  1. I was wondering if anyone attending the London Stadium gig on 1st June would be able to help? I've decided to fork out the extra for the early access tickets. It will be my first (and most likely only!) time doing so - I was wondering: I read that standing was only available to those who selected GA at the checkout for the 'enhanced experience' package. When I log onto Ticketmaster on my computer, it says that 'my tickets are not ready to view yet, as the event organisers are finalising details', yet if I view on my phone, it says 'GA1 - unreserved', but that it's not the actual ticket. When I bought the tickets, there was no option to specify seated or standing. I'd really like to stand if possible, but I'm worried that I'll log on tomorrow after the general sale and find that we are in the reserved lower tier seating. Is anyone able to put my mind at ease? What sort of time do we need to arrive at the venue? We have the premium rather than enhanced package, so I'm guessing some time in the afternoon would be sufficient? Thank you in advance!
  2. Seconded - good luck to you, Jobby. I hope you get a good view. I can understand your dedication as this is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'm aiming to get there around 11-12 tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll arrive in enough time to possibly meet the band as they come out and talk to those queuing (I'm considering taking my piano songbook or Resistance Tour photo book to be signed) and it'd be great to meet some of you. I'm the short lady with the red hair, who will probably be playing on my 3DS to pass the time. We'll be in the seating queue, hoping to get a balcony spot. I've never queued for a gig this early before, so hopefully the atmosphere will be good. Really looking forward to it! Does anyone know if there will be exclusive merch for this gig?
  3. I'm guessing that, once the concert starts, people aren't going to stay seated for long (at least, I hope not, as I'd find it impossible to stay still!). Something I'm interested about is the seating allocation? I know that Level 3 is unreserved, but I'm on Level 2 and I thought my confirmation had seat numbers on, but reviews on Tripadvisor suggest it's all first-come-first-served. I'm mainly concerned about being right at the back, due to my lack of stature, or being separated from my friend.
  4. I'm glad that I waited a while to cast my vote (I'm a newer fan than many of you - I really got into them around The Resistance-era and was introduced to their earlier stuff by a friend, and I've been educating myself on the B-sides I missed out on). Space Dementia and City of Delusion are definitely getting my vote, and it's becoming harder to cut my list. I do hope Exogenesis is played in full if it makes the cut, as the second movement is my favourite. I'm also in love with Easily, which was looking promising from the voting before it was changed. I do hope they start the whole thing from scratch again, as it's the only fair way to do this. As much as it's nice to have a longer list of rarities, it's going to split the vote more. I'd agree with one of the earlier posters that MK Ultra is one of the most disappointing omissions.
  5. I have to admit, I'm tempted by Bliss. I've never seen it live, and the atmosphere at such an intimate gig would be amazing. That Manchester Academy video looks like so much fun. I don't think I've ever had this much trouble making a decision, and I'm bad with it at the best of times.
  6. I'm thinking of being there around midday to wait in line, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm not sure on my final list yet (I'd like to throw a B-side or two in there), but City of Delusion, Showbiz and Muscle Museum are definites. Yeah, I hope they don't do the generic password shit - it would be a shame if it was spread around and we ended up with a setlist entirely of the hits (however great Plug In Baby is, I've heard it 4 times live, plus I have a feeling they will put a few of their own choices in anyway to bulk the setlist out).
  7. I'd be interested to hear of anyone who has been lucky enough to meet them in the past. I'm guessing this is the best chance, given the size of the venue. I know I'll be nervous and probably completely embarrass myself, but oh well.
  8. I'm going to bring my OoS cover, though I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, as it's looking like the earliest we're going to get there now is about half 3. If it happens and they come out to greet people in the queue, I'll die happy! City of Delusion is definitely staying on my list. I never thought of Hoodoo (I love the performance on the HAARP DVD). I hope I'm not going to get 'voting regret' after submitting my list. I think I might wait a little bit when the link goes out.
  9. I might have to convince my friend to catch an earlier ferry! Don't worry, BlueEyedFloozy, I think I'll be squealing like a teenage girl, too if the band come out to meet fans! This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, as you'd have to be very lucky to catch them at a stadium gig. Fingers crossed. Also, I'd have no problem if CE was played. I saw it in Berlin and it was honestly the highlight of the evening for me.
  10. You're not alone - I've been considering doing the same. I've seen Easily pop up on a few lists. I've now also realised I didn't put Assassin on my list - that would make it about 15/16 songs to narrow down now. There's some songs I've never heard live (this will be my 5th gig) like Bliss and Stockholm Syndrome, but I could well be 'wasting' my vote on these if they play a few extra, anyway. I might also get the chance to hear them in the future. Also, I'm getting there about 2pm (my friend is travelling from abroad) - will this be enough time to get a decent Level 2 position? I know it's probably like asking 'How long is a piece of string?', but as far as I gather, there's only a few rows (I am 5'3, though). Also, at more intimate shows, do people ever catch a glimpse of the band walking past the queue? It's going to be a long month!
  11. My friend is threatening to vote for Madness, just to wind me up. For those of you with Level 2 seating, is it unallocated? I didn't receive seat numbers in my confirmation email. I also tried going to the Ticketmaster web site and printing out my receipt on there - it told me it was unavailable and to try again later (this was last night, as I knew things would be busy this morning).
  12. Thank you for the reassurance. Yes, I think I'll give them a ring in a few days' time, just to be on the safe side. Unless I'm having a really dense moment, I'd never leave the house without my debit card, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Just a quick question: My debit card has my parents' address on it, but I have moved out and my driving licence will have my current address on it. Since our photo ID and card are our entry into the event, I'm not sure what to do about this and whether it will be a problem on the door? I'm really looking forward to this gig - I'm struggling to narrow my list down to 10. I'm yet to hear all the songs below live (though, I'm sure plenty of other fans have): New Born Space Dementia Stockholm Syndrome Butterflies and Hurricanes Sunburn Apocalypse Please Muscle Museum MK Ultra City of Delusion Bliss (we got 'Plug In Baby' 4 times in a row at the gigs I attended, so I'd love to hear this) Sing For Absolution The Small Print Showbiz Also, good luck, Jobby. I'll be rooting for you tomorrow.
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