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  1. Hi.

    We are looking to swap tickets, but we don't live in London;

    could either post or try to arrange for friend to meet you and swap them?

    We have tickets for the O2 on the 11th, but can't find travel back to Cardiff late enough on that day, so the Friday night would be ideal, as we can get a 1am coach and have the weekend off!

  2. Hi. Does anyone have any idea what time the Drones concerts are running until?? Doors open at 6.30pm at the O2 arena (Greenwich) for us, but we're not sure when they'll start their set and are concerned about leaving before the 11pm shut off time, to catch our connection back to Cardiff! Sorry if this seems a stupid question; I have had info in regards to their set list, but can't find any specific information... Has anyone gone in at a similar time? What time did you come out? Thanks! x
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