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    at the age of 45 I start freeing myself...better late then never, lol
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    in my free time, I´m doing RECREATION to myself, with whatever I need for this, MUSE & LP sound for SURE
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    Social Worker
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    Linkin Park, Muse, RHCP, etc....
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    Jack Sparrow
    Darth Vader
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    cooking shows
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    Top of the mountains Ischgl, 30.04.2016 at NOON ;)))
  1. Seems like the BAD is growing and growing. Me, I had luck until now, never bought a faked one, but thanx for the infos, it is good to know these things...
  2. ohhhhhhhhh that sounds like they were supp to be mine, maybe? Where have I go to for having a view? may I get an adress or a link? What at least is meant with a VIP Ticket?
  3. During exploring muse more and more, I bought tickets, only FOS available in Vienna, Me, I´m from nearby Munich, but I was too late with my order, Munichs´and Amsterdam Shows are compl. sold out, lol, me I´m a late one, lol, but maybe not too late. Me, from my ground I´m Linkin Park core-fan, momentary linked by Mr. Bellamie (what a nice name btw. , I think I´ve finaly found their homeplattform? And here, after all this a short Q: Are there meet&greet tickets available for muse concerets? generally? how to get them? May some good soul link me through ya forums, guys?! If not, I´ll surf here a lil at the weekend, been exicited to found this foprum finally..
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