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  1. The Paperless FAQ answers some questions that have been asked here... http://media.ticketmaster.co.uk It says you'll need - Confirmation of your booking - The credit/debit card used to make the purchase - State issued photo ID So, just to be on the save side, take those with you and you should be fine. I think... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TODAY!
  2. To those who already bought their tickets: do we need to give the name of the person who comes with us, or is it just my name on both tickets? And what else do I need to put in when I buy the ticket? Date of birth? Address? Stuff like that? Just want to make sure what data I need, so I'm ready...
  3. As much as I wish they would (because YAY new tickets, not because I'm mean), I don't think so. It sounds too messy. If they can't even handle a normal presale without any errors, I doubt they'd take the time to pick out "black sheep" without R&L tickets. They got their money and they're done. :/
  4. Feel free to delete this post if it's too off topic, but.... Is there a list or website or something where we count how often a song has actually been played live yet? Because, I know the songs that I've heard live but I have no idea what songs are rarities and which are not. We are a very well organised fandom, so I'm pretty sure someone's put some stats together somewhere at some point.
  5. Dunno, I think it's a general chart? it says "Seating charts reflect the layout for the venue at this time. Please note that for some events the layout and seat locations may vary without notice." Sooo... maybe...
  6. Does anyone know how many tickets will be available for presale and how many for the general public sale? Ratio? I'm just curious... and nervous... and need to pass the time somehow...
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