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  1. Wait so you don't know what A-Sides or B-Sides are?
  2. I dunno why but making setlists is fun. It's a Drones Tour playlist. 1. Dead Inside 2. Reapers/Psycho 3. Guiding Light/Uprising 4. Showbiz/Sober 5. Mercy 6. Shrinking Universe/Yes Please/New Born 7. Stockholm Syndrome/Muscle Museum 8. Citizen Erased/Apocalypse Please/The Handler 9. The Globalist 10. Bliss 11. Defector/Revolt 12. Knights of Cydonia 13. Drones Encore: 1. Dead Star/Supremacy 2. City of Delusion/Aftermath 3. Assassin/Starlight I hope you like it
  3. Then what's the difference between A-Sides and B-Sides?
  4. Fuck, people were chanting for Dead Star last tour and they didn't get it. Now they only get Dead Star once for 2015 in the Download festival thingy. Good thing they played Assassin though.
  5. This song isn't Muse at all though
  6. I still don't understand why people like this terrible song
  7. What I'm trying to say is, how do some songs go better with other songs?
  8. Probably any of the live performances with added swears. "They will not con-fucking-trol us." "Can't push us under the fucking ground." "Now I finally realize, what you fucking mean." "Come on and fuck our plans." "Your ass belongs to me now!" Like wtf does that mean tho "Now you're fucking dead inside."
  9. You don't understand what I'm trying to say
  10. I never said anything about re ordering either. If you think that is the worst track span is it because you like them less or they just don't sound good together? I didn't even know different songs sounded better with other songs.
  11. I don't get it, why would they be the worst track span if you love them so much? How does putting songs in a certain order make them better? (and Endlessly sucks tbh)
  12. What why (And can you please explain to me why the order of what the songs are put in matters?)
  13. Wait a minute what Some songs go better with other songs? I never knew (Well my post sucks then, but those four songs are terrible anyways)
  14. Well that was anticlimactic. What was wrong with my choice?
  15. I disagree with most of the posts on this thread. Most of the songs listed here are awesome. Only album that passes the 3 track span is The Resistance, kicking it up to a 4 span. I Belong to You then Exogenesis: Symphony Parts 1-3
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