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  1. Hi, I'm selling my golden album for absolution, it's not a copy it's an original thing, you can check the item at http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Double-Disque-dOr-Muse-Absolution-Golden-album-/191800579165?hash=item2ca834945d:g:cEsAAOSwGotWthfO Cheers.
  2. Hi there, I'm an old muse's fan, mainly showbiz and origin of symmetry I just wanted to let you know that i was selling an item that might interest a few of you, it's a golden album for absolution (actually there are two discs so it's double). It's on a well known website where you can bid and i'm not sure if i can put the link here so i won't. You will be able to find the item by typing muse golden album (i'm in france). Anyway, i hope it will make someone happy Cheers !
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