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  1. He would do that though, wouldn't he
  2. Where did you read that? Also I remember at least one of my questions was directed at him specifically but he didn't answer it, unless he still has more answers that weren't posted yet.
  3. Just look up Muse - Lies (Chvrches Cover)
  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes yes. It really is just guitar, drums, bass, and synth. Stripped down like Drones but with a more interesting and more techno sound. People think "Muse going in an electronic route" and they think the over-the-top production of The 2nd Law, but it doesn't have to be. And I love when Muse has done something similar like this in the past too like with Supermassive Black Hole and Map Of The Problematique.
  5. I honest to god love that cover and would be totally happy if that's the direction they went down on the next album. Like it more than like 80-90% of Drones tbh.
  6. I'm still kinda confused by this...isn't that what Drones was supposed to be? It hasn't been said yet when they will answer them.
  7. I deleted my second question because i wanted to ask this instead: Matt, you have inspired me to learn how to play guitar. However, i'm almost 21. Is it too late for me to become great like you?
  8. "There is a theme on the album, it's that kind of connection to the cycles of history where the tension builds up and then it's released, whether it's catastrophic like a nuclear war, or aliens come down and it's brilliant. But there's definitely a sense of something big is about to happen." I really meant this. This feeling that we're on the verge of something big happening, be it political revolution or inversely the government cracking down and becoming more Orwellian and the recent discoveries in space and physics and the promise of commercial space travel by 2020. I was only 11 in 2006 so maybe i'm wrong, maybe it felt like it even more back then, but i'm really kind of feeling this a lot right now mid-this decade and going into the next that there's gonna be a big political change for better or for worse and i feel like the 2020's could be the next space age. Maybe that's just me though
  9. This is actually exactly what i want on their next album Maybe like a follow up to BH&R thematically since i almost feel like the themes on that album are more relevant now than 10 years ago...
  10. Well I already used up both of my questions but something I was always curious about is how Muse played in Bejing earlier this year and this was only like a few weeks before Bejing was put on red alert for smog levels. I was wondering if they had any problems with breathing there or if they were advised to stay inside or if they had to wear masks or anything. the locals are probably somewhat adapted to it but I imagine it would be even worse for foreigners.
  11. well she keeps mentioning her little brother so it's probably him.
  12. Do you know if the guys will be answering these questions in a video or just written?
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