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  1. Well it's kind of funny if you constantly think you're getting shit from someone but you still pay them to.
  2. nkdmtro93

    Dig Down

    The chorus reminds me a lot of a shortened George Michael's Freedom chorus
  3. 01. Apocalypse Please 02. Map Of The Problematique 03. Psycho 04. Plug In Baby 05. Uprising 06. Starlight 07. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 08. Sunburn 09. Dead Inside 10. Butterflies & Hurricanes 11. Knights Of Cydonia 12. New Born 13. Stockholm Syndrome 14. Supremacy 15. Take A Bow 16. Megalomania 17. Reapers 18. Bliss
  4. Ah it's a great version, and I love the distortion in the voice. But I think I like this one more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNkDTrDT4A8 He does something in the last chorus with the higher strings and it sounds awesome. I can't decide though, if I like better the changed riff he does in the 2nd vs the little solo in Earl's Court just before the last chorus
  5. Actually they both orbit the the center of mass of the system you study.It just happens, if you just take only these two masses, Earth's to be significantly smaller than the Sun's so it might be confusing. Sorry just had to do it #partypooper Jobby ask them if they even remember TSP pls
  6. Also if I'm not mistaken, there is an acoustic guitar based song in the album, and the only thing we've seen from Matt is him playing one on Instagram. Ahh we're all in City Of Delusion
  7. If that's the case, then there's 99% chances they're doing club tour . I was thinking doing both days, but after Kasabian were announced, I'm very tempted to see them. Which one is better, Leading or Leeds? I read somewhere that Reading is kind of crazy and gets out of control fairly easy
  8. Bang that head that doesn't bang 01. Dead Star 02. The Small Print 03. Hyper Music 04. Agitated 05. Hysteria 06. Assassin 07. Citizen Erased 08. New Born 09. Plug In Baby 10. Knights Of Cydonia 11. Bliss Encore 12. Stockholm Syndrome 13. Psycho 14. Reapers
  9. Middle 3 Knights of Cydonia Uprising Exo Politics Map of the Problematique Thoughts of a Dying Atheist MK Ultra Butterflies and Hurricanes Apocalypse Please Unnatural Selection Assassin Hysteria Take A Bow Exo 1 Exo 2 Exo 3 Starlight The Small Print Stockholm Syndrome
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