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  1. My life feels so confining after this coronavirus scare which actually reminds me a lot of "Thought Contagion" video/song. I want to go out to a nightclub, isn't it funny that the goth clubs have been "social distancing" forever??? Notwithstanding- I can make stuff, I would love it to have at least some spikes and perhaps chains- post apocalyptic stuff. But, I don't want to go full on gas mask yet--- perhaps that's all our future anyway. ;) I wouldn't wear this sh** at all if family/ friends weren't in health care. Any new merch possible? Or, perhaps a template with Muse Thought Contagion plus contagion symbol plus spike placement you can suggest? Sometimes this feels like a culling or "final solution", but perhaps that's my mind going to dark places. Thank you.
  2. Hello Matt, Dom & Chris, I've been to three Muse concerts since Drones album came out. I was in California. Right now I'm in the UK and will be at Sunday at the O2 in September. Please please please play "Reapers"!!! I love the new Simulation Theory album and especially Algorithms, Dark Side and all the singles. Thank you so much! 😍
  3. Hi Muse administrators, Thinking about the concert that was on December 15, 2015 in Oakland, I came up with this design for a t shirt. You guys can mess around with it and use it gratis. (free). I think it really 'pops' and hope you guys like it too. Note the "all seeing eye" on the front of the predator drone beaming infrared surveillance with the word "Muse". Also, the heartbeat which is gradually dying with words "here come the drones" underneath. I'll sign a thing giving it to you if you need that. Just thought it was cool. Love the music you make. Wendy:D
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