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  1. My life feels so confining after this coronavirus scare which actually reminds me a lot of "Thought Contagion" video/song. I want to go out to a nightclub, isn't it funny that the goth clubs have been "social distancing" forever??? Notwithstanding- I can make stuff, I would love it to have at least some spikes and perhaps chains- post apocalyptic stuff. But, I don't want to go full on gas mask yet--- perhaps that's all our future anyway. ;) I wouldn't wear this sh** at all if family/ friends weren't in health care. Any new merch possible? Or, perhaps a template with Muse Thought Contagion plus contagion symbol plus spike placement you can suggest? Sometimes this feels like a culling or "final solution", but perhaps that's my mind going to dark places. Thank you.
  2. Hello Matt, Dom & Chris, I've been to three Muse concerts since Drones album came out. I was in California. Right now I'm in the UK and will be at Sunday at the O2 in September. Please please please play "Reapers"!!! I love the new Simulation Theory album and especially Algorithms, Dark Side and all the singles. Thank you so much! 😍
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