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  1. I only ever hear good things about the PF-1, Really can't fault the MBK2 so I'm reluctant to rip it out. How's that red alert James?
  2. Had the yearly MOT done on the Manson. Had the pickup cover removed, rosewood buffed for an ebony feel and some 510 tuners added. After three years its still solid as a rock, probably better.
  3. Less than a thirty second edit, but my god I wish they came without the kill button.
  4. Anyone else noticed that the standard fingerboard for the EVOs is now ebony? Frustrating as I wish it was that all along!
  5. I imagine it would look a bit extra, I always liked the look of the aluminium plates on the original Santa if you're looking to change them.
  6. In terms of the guitar? Absolutely loving it, I'd argue that I prefer it over my EVO which is outstanding considering the price. I personally would put the MBK-2 in the red MBC for looks, otherwise I don't see myself changing it any time soon.
  7. I wouldn't bother, I notice little difference between the Cort and Manson pickup personally. Both are really good pickups.
  8. From that photo I'm personally not a fan, looks a bit too "peacocky" for me. Interesting to see that the motherbucker is in the T Model, that pickup hasn't been in the limelight since the Bareknuckle collaboration?
  9. Cool rails are very decent, they sound like a compressed P-90. I always like the sound my MA in the middle position because it sounds like a 335.
  10. Tried but the server never seems to work. Bummer!
  11. Can someone send me the midi data for MOTP. I Had the Aorfix one years ago but it seems much harder to find now.
  12. I want to put Gotoh 510's on my MA-2, will this be a simple retro fit?
  13. Anyone had an MA refinished in a flat colour? This imperial vintage MA looks very tasty Edit: Can't add the pic, it's very light red.
  14. Manson's are great for recording, used mine on our university Christmas single
  15. Cool guitar guys! In love with the 007, although I'm curious why you've chosen the button over the switch, preference?
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