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  1. That...is actually kind of odd. Where did you buy it from? was it new? What does the serial number look like?
  2. It's the LTD NW-44! I don't listen to ADTR but this guitar was too juicy to pass up. also I'm glad its like that :LOL: Haven't heard this but im listening to it right now. Man this is fucking sick. Not sure how I haven't heard of these guys, I'm digging the hell out of their tone right now
  3. I actually...kind of really like the new album? Albeit it's not a super rock heavy album, but I really don't mind it. I kind of had to get over myself with wanting what is basically Origin of Symmetry 2.0. The tracklist has a few duds I don't like at all(looking at you Something Human/Get up and fight) but I actually really did enjoy Pressure and Thought Contagion a huge ton. Ah well, considering All I've been listening to is tons of doom and stoner metal and some indie/emo it'll make my S.O. happy to not have to hear it for the more recent future haven't been around in a while, how are you guys doing?
  4. Does anyone know the right size of pot to get for the MBC1? My googlefu is weak and unkempt
  5. Probably the best drive pedal I've used in my life. Helps that I got it at a steal of a price too :LOL:This probably isn't leaving my pedalboard ever. Also I saw the troglys show with that headless SG. that is crazy, but i mean...plus points for most creative restoration.
  6. There's the Devi Ever Hyperion in the middle and the Adventure Audio Fuzz Peaks on the right. Both are basically different styles of muff, but the hyperion is more ripping. I was about to build my own cables with one of those things, but man was that pricey:LOL: that and I sure as hell don't know how the heck to make em
  7. What's the difference between the newer MBC-1s and older? Some QC difference?
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