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  1. Just a simple FB banner I did for my wife tonight.
  2. This was my first Muse concert. I decided not to go see them years ago with Modest Mouse and haven't stopped kicking myself since then. Nothing was going to stop me this time. I bought tickets for my wife as a surprise. She had no clue until her mom showed up to babysit and I showed her the tickets. She was almost on the ground in shock. I have no complaints at all about anything. I am even sort happy, in a selfish way, that it wasn't jam packed with people in the G/A section. It was such a nice change to be right in front of the stage (The secondary mic -piano side) and not get squished. Heck, or even touched. Most of you have mentioned your delight over their playing Apocalypse Please and when we heard the piano start it off, my wife and I freaked out. I would have loved Endlessly or United/Eurasia, but that isn't even a complaint. What a show. All around awesome. Been making a playlist of all the people who uploaded songs to Youtube. As for the opening band, I heard them on Youtube the night before and didn't care for them. So we showed up right as they finished their last song. Perfect night!
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