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    Abu Dhabi 2.11.2013
    Provinssi 24.6.2015
  1. Yeah, last summer in Provinssi we did get a great set. I'm still not complaining, I think that songs like Explorers, Unintended, Resistance and Invincible are fantastic. But yesterday I was secretly hoping they would treat us with Asassin. And that i'd see Resistance for the first time. I think its a cultural difference when it comes to going crazy. For a lot of Finns it's normal that we can sit in the stands, give an occasional 'golf applause', then leave and say that that was the best show I've ever been to.
  2. Was at the Helsinki gig, my third Muse show, and it was pretty amazing. I think that most of the crowd didnt even notice the guitar malfunction after Map. Otherwise everything worked nicely, and Matts voice was as good as can be expected. My first Muse show at the F1 races in Abu Dhabi 2013 was still the best. Goes to show how much the general atmosphere really matters (my and my Brother on a great vacation, drinks, F1, Ferrari World, beaches, more drinks, the dark but hot arabian nights..) I pretty much hoped for anything, but maybe skip Feeling Good. They said at an interview that they know Finns like the heavier stuff, so the setlist was far from perfect, but still an excellent show. And i almost cried during Globalist, must be one of the most amazing live arena performances ever! The crowd was... ok, i wonder how it is in other countries, do the folks in the stands get up, or sit during the whole gig. I think that probably 0,1 % of the people in the stands actually stood up, shouted/danced/cheered. Is that normal, or do we finns just need a bottle of vodka before we can go crazy?
  3. That's one less than on night 1, right? Personally hoping to see Bliss and Map, and since they usually give us up here in Finland a heavier set, maybe Micro Cuts and CE again..
  4. Mulle on oikeastaan ihan semiok settilista, SILLä EDELLYTYKSELLÄ laittaisivat nyt sen 3-4 biisiä lisää siihen, kun tulevat Eurooppaan.. Tosin presalesta ostettuja lippuja ei ole vielä kuulunut, vaikka jossain vahvistuksessa luki (tai jossain ainakin..) että 3-4 viikkoa. Mitä helv...!!?
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