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  1. eh_D

    Katana 50

    I have great results with the crunch channel gain low master high eq very flat.
  2. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TriplePlayPU--fishman-tripleplay-wireless-midi-pickup Old news but I just saw this pop up on special. Plug in baby device from by request show?
  3. If I'm reading it right I do exactly this with a Line 6 M5 with exp pedal Harmonizer would blend dry signal, this is all effected. Pitch glide setting Toe down = +12 (these are half steps) Heal down = -12 Mix = 100% The knob is really touchy to get exactly 12 plus or minus.
  4. eh_D

    Katana 50

    I hate to say it but I mostly use the Katana as a pedal platform. I've not spent a ton of time tweaking other than setting the global high cut at 8.6k, the low mids +4 (500hz) and high mid-2(6.3k). That's a pretty "brit" character to me for both the cruch + built in muff sound and the lead channel plus the built in blues driver.
  5. eh_D

    Katana 50

    Did you do the update? The new global EQ has a high pass filter that really takes it to the next level IMO. I never run the presence more than 50, it's like a phase thing that I don't like at all.
  6. eh_D

    Katana 50

    It won't thump like a big amp into a closed back cab but it's got plenty of low/mid which is where I like to set my tone. I would have gotten the 100w for sure if I was planning on playing without PA support. Glad somebody else is on the train!
  7. eh_D

    Katana 50

    So I've been waiting for somebody on here to post about the Katana amps. I picked up one on demo at sweetwater for less than $200 shipped. I've had it for a few months now and it lives up to the hype. Anybody else here given them a shot?
  8. Impressive view count! I enjoyed this episode a lot. I'm not on the patreon supporter list, guitar nerds and the Wampler podcast are on my podcast rotation for sure.
  9. Mikey Demus talks about getting a Manson's signature model on the latest Guitar Nerds podcast. It sounds like it's pretty much an MA classic with his pickup arrangement and color schemes. Guessing that's one of the things that will be announced at the show?
  10. If you hit it with off axis light and then use the flash with a late sync to fill the details it will pop! Look how much the carve sparkles.
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