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  1. I've only just let myself watch videos on Instagram (I was too upset at not going until suddenly I was!) so I've just discovered that the stage revolves. And for some reason I find this hilarious 😄 I can't wait!

  2. Matt is our alien overlord and only Gillian Anderson can save us.


    Big fight scene outside my work place. GA's final roundhouse kick to the head was AWESOME. Sorry about the fractured skull Matt, but you ARE a lizard in disguise after all. Now get back to Reticulum.


    Too much X-Files, methinks. :LOL:

  3. Mate, I'm relatively new too, but look at my age; I'm old enough to be your mother :LOL: I've known about Muse for YEARS but for various reasons I lost the faith after Absolution and just saw the light again with Drones. So I've got like over a decade of catching up to do. What those idiots have said about you could easily apply to me!


    Except for maybe, and I'm not even sure, seeing them supporting Feeder in Manchester in 1999, I've never seen them live. I own just three albums but I didn't even know about two of them until I started sorting out the CD collection over the Christmas holidays! Until relatively recently I wasn't 100% sure whether Dom or Chris was the drummer :$:$:$ and other stuff like that So I've basically never seen them, have practically no stuff by them, wouldn't know two of them if I fell over them in the street* and even I at my advanced time of life ;) was a bit nervous of dipping my toe into a forum made up of die-hard "pwoper" (I know that one) fans.


    They've not chucked me out yet even though I made a really embarrassing mistake in the misheard lyrics thread :)


    Please don't pay any mind to these creatures that have mocked you. I do not understand the mocking of fellow fans of "your" band who are only just discovering their music. I follow Instagram accounts of teenagers who are just getting into Queen, which I think is amazing. I've been a fan of Queen's for as long as I can remember - but I wasn't even born when Bohemian Rhapsody came out, and these people weren't even born when Freddie died. So what? Music is for everyone. Matt, Dom and Chris didn't make their music just for some people; there are no labels saying oh by the way you can't listen to this until you've heard every B side we've ever recorded.


    YouTube commenters are also the Worst Thing Ever.


    Princess of promise said:

    It's something about "genuine fans" being there "ever since the beginning" and "knowing all the songs down to the T" and "owning everything they've ever done in physical form." If you ask me, they're just really insecure and looking to remedy that by lording themselves over new/casual fans.


    And she's very right. It's the "I liked them before they were famous" syndrome. Some people will go off a band when they become commercially and/or critically successful because...well, I have no idea. They want to be different and special, I suppose. I never could understand it.


    As for your depression/mental health issues - I'm there too. It sucks MASSIVELY. Hang on in there. The voice that tells you you're not good enough, not whatever enough, is a big fat liar and it can go screw itself, because you are. I struggle constantly with people's opinions of me, and trying to please everyone. and my friend once pointed out that I'll believe people when they say I'm a twat or whatever, but I never believe people when they say I'm great. Why do I only believe the negative stuff? I don't know. But I understand how it feels, I really do. Big hugs to you, fellow Muser.


    Hey I just wrote an essay :$ heh


    *does not apply to my little Matt, who I've had a crush on FOREVER whoops

  4. I don't bother ordering the albums anymore, I just group them into tiers.


    Ha! me too, only mine are ever so slightly different.


    Tier 1


    Origin of Symmetry


    Black Holes and Revelations



    Tier 2



    The Resistance


    Tier 3


    The 2nd Law

  5. Endlessly. I bloody love it coz somewhere deep inside I'm just a big mushy puddle.


    Feeling Good. It's my favourite cover version ever.


    Resistance. Yes the chorus is cheesy as hell. I care not!


    Undisclosed Desires. I have no idea why I love this as much as I do because I should REALLY hate it. But I don't.


    Madness. Not sorry.

  6. There's a couple that perfectly describe a ... situation that's been ongoing in my life for... um. A long time.


    I don't want you to adore me

    Don't want you to ignore me

    When it pleases you




    I wanted freedom

    Bound and restricted

    I tried to give you up

    But I'm addicted

    Now that you know I'm trapped

    Sense of elation

    You'd never dream of

    Breaking this fixation



  7. Crikey.


    Showbiz: Fillip - Falling Down - Cave .


    Origin Of Symmetry: Micro Cuts - Screenager - Dark Shines.


    Absolution: Blackout - Butterflies and Hurricanes - The Small Print (I'm so so sorry B&H I love you but you happen to fall between my two least favourites.)


    Black Holes and Revelations: Soldier's Poem - Invincible - Assassin (that was practically impossible, but SP is the only track I actively don't like. Assassin got it because MOTP is in my top 5.)


    The Resistance: Exogenesis 1 2 and 3 (yes I said it. But: I bloody love ALL of the Exogenesis...es but I don't think they work on the album. I want a whole album of a super-extended Exogenesis 1-10. Maybe a double.)


    The 2nd Law: take your pick as long as it doesn't include Madness or Panic Station.


    Drones: Defector - Revolt - Aftermath.

  8. Oooh 'eck


    Plug In Baby

    New Born

    Time Is Running Out


    Supermassive Black Hole

    Map of the Problematique

    Knights of Cydonia


    Undisclosed Desires

    Panic Station



    It'll change in a couple of hours though. I mean I haven't got Hyper Music on there wtf. Or Psycho. Argh!

  9. Hysteria. It's my favourite full stop.





    Time is Running Out

    Stockholm Syndrome


    Butterflies and Hurricanes

    Apocalypse Please


    Sing for Absolution

    Ruled by Secrecy

    Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


    Falling Away With You

    The Small Print

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