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  1. Bloody hell jet lag sucks!.. We have arrived in London and leave for Paris at 5:40AM local on Eurostar tomorrow. 8 hours time difference between Vancouver and here just vanished in a "Super Massive Blackhole" lol Counting down the hours now with a few pints. Have a good time everyone.
  2. Maybe somebody may of heard or may know... This concert being a little special because of it's location. We are kind of wondering what the stage will look like? I'm thinking it'll be a normal concert stage with the tower "Towering" behind... Sure that will look great but I can't see "The Handler" working out too well. I'm thinking the strings will be cut there.. We are counting down the days will we fly over! Our first trip to Paris and as a bonus to be able to see this tour yet again! Awesome! As a side note... For concerts that have been at this location, do they normally place screens and/or speakers down to the end? We enter through gate 3 so we'll be pretty far back and since it's all level ground. It'll be a task to see the stage I would think.
  3. We have never been to Paris before.. But we managed to book at the IBIS hotel at 2 Rue Cambronne. It does have pay parking not sure how much though. We'll be taking the Metro into the city. Anyways... It is according to Google maps about a 12 minute walk to gate 3 which is what we bought. The price being a reasonably good at 110 Euros.
  4. Holy crap! Did I just do what I think I did???? You bet your ass... We bought tickets for this concert. Flying in from Vancouver to see it, we saw the tour in Vegas and now Paris with a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower! Now to sort out flights I go.
  5. Well we are home yet again.. Second time to see this concert. But what a concert! It to us was worth the second flight to Las Vegas to see it. It sure seemed the band were enjoying the audience in this one as we were with the band. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here... but if anyone knows of a live download of this concert in Las Vegas. Could you post it in the bootlegs threads please? I would really like to hear it again. Awesome... just Awesome show!
  6. Awesome! We decided to hang on to the tickets and go as well. Mandalay Bay gave us a great room deal through MLife after I explained that we flew down once already for the concert and now we were doing it again. Flights booked,room booked two more weeks to go! It also looks like tickets are selling a little better this time around.
  7. We've held onto our tickets... We just bought another set of flights from Vancouver again! Hotel is booked again! Last trip was 100% paid and since there was no concert... We lost at gambling as well.. Looks like ticket sales are about the same again, hopefully people will take some of that Christmas money and buy up some more tickets. If forbid the show got cancelled again.......... I would go absolutely crazy! This is now going to be the most expensive concert we've ever attended, even more then flying to London and back for another band on tour 3 years ago.
  8. That is what I think as well... The problem with the stage is with the tour logistics manager. Personally I would like to think the band saw the troubles on-stage at previous concerts knowing they were most likely caused from fast setups and take-downs without fully testing the instruments,equipment and stage. When the band couldn't give the best almost flawless experience that the fans want because of the fast setups and tear-down. Maybe they called it off and hopefully people in the logistics part got an earfull/canned in the end.
  9. Well now... Flights paid, Hotels paid, car rental paid.. Disappointed? You bet! We fly down from Vancouver on Sunday and stay till the 10th. Mini holiday and a concert... Just wish the event was just postponed by a day or two would of helped a lot of people out. I'll have to see if it is worth it or not to hold onto the tickets now. Damn!
  10. I've been a long time fan of Muse but I have never seen them live! The Vegas show is going to be the first show and we are looking forward to flying down from Vancouver on Sunday for it! Not long to go now, can't wait. Hopefully more tickets will sell for the band. Sure would be great to see a sell out show.
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