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  1. Hiya Maria -I have a spare Manchester ticket - one on the 8th block 201 row d seat 6 - I just want what I paid back - as I cant go now. (We're going the night after)

    I paid £84 for it and i'd like as close to that as possible to re-coup what I paid. I'm in Manchester from the afternoon of the 8th so could meet you there?

    OR I have spare for the 9th gig too as a couple of my mates have pulled out...block 122 or block 110.

    All paid £84 for. Let me know if youre interested

    07815 981977 or stephanieevance@hotmail.com




  2. When do you think will Muse concert finish? As I have to catch the last train home.
  3. Thanks. I've decided to buy the ticket now. These are the seats available: Block 103, Row R, seat 23 Block 103, Row E, seat 28 Block 103, Row S, seat 11 Which one do you reckon is the best? I have never been to Manchester Arena so I am really confused.
  4. Hi I want to buy a ticket for Muse concert in Manchester but there is obviously no good seats left. Someone advised me to wait for few days before the concert as they sometimes release spare very good seats close to stage and at front in blocks 115 (the best) and 102. How likely is it to happen?
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