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  1. Has anyone bought these and what are your thoughts? I have been to quite a few muse concerts and never done the "Enhanced experience"
  2. I just got my tickets to see Muse in Greece! I am so excited!! I saw them in Portland in December.. I can't wait to see them live again!!!
  3. I was thinking the same thing.. there is so much negativity in this thread for everyone being fans. If he falls flat in concert I will probably be enjoying myself too much to give a damn or to notice..
  4. Ticketmaster screwed me over too.. I ended up with 2 seats cuz there were no seats together in GA? haha idk but yeah now I'm trying to sell my seats to get GA ones from someone who wants me to pay almost triple face value...fml =(
  5. That would be kinda sucky.. I hope that's not the case =( I guess we will have to wait and see but people who have been to 360 performances from other bands have liked them so we'll see
  6. I'm really hoping they have some way to work around that.. idk how but i'm excited to see.. hopefully they do cuz I agree I don't want to stare at backs for a whole concert
  7. See and that's what I am thinking too because this is a 360 performance I wanna be able to see.. im assuming they will have to play for all sides of the round.. I'm going to try and sell my seats and get GA.. I'm going to the Portland show in December so it doesn't give me much time to switch out my tickets if I wait to read the Mexico reviews.
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