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  1. I had a blast again last night!!! Truly truly amazing. I'm really shocked by the complaining on this board. It's really sad to me. False sense of entitlement. But everyone had their own personal experiences & I'm lucky mine was outstanding & just plain Amazing. I appreciate that I was even able to afford & attend these shows in the first place. I hope everyone can understand that not everyone is as lucky. But to each their own. Thank you MUSE & crew.
  2. Personally, I thought the show was SPECTACULAR!!!! Just Amazing from start to finish. Their showmanship, playing skills, visuals...the whole package...Just So SO Great! The Setlist was great too. Loved that they played "Plug In Baby" early in the set. Only song request I would of had was "Defector", but hopefully they'll play it tonight. Was not a fan of Phantogram, but for the people who enjoy them, well..I hope you enjoyed watching them! Looking forward to NIGHT 2!!!! P.s. Special HUGE thanks to New_Born_Muser!!!
  3. Thank you soooooo much muse.mu for the easiest ticket purchase EVER! AXS is a joke. Truly pathetic.
  4. Oh I thought they were delaying the announcement to torture me since I don't have a ticket yet.
  5. I'm not giving up. I need to make it to this show!
  6. I believe the chances are very high but might want to wait a day or two just to confirm.
  7. Ugh so terrible. In the meantime the real scalpers are getting amazing seats.
  8. Well AXS definitely screwed me out of tickets. It started with the Goldenvoice and KROQ pre sales, where I attempted to purchase tickets. I was able to add tickets to my cart, I am not kidding you, 11 times, went through the checkout process 11 times, only to receive error messages when I would press the button to complete the order. Yes that means I put on my address & credit card info 11 times, lost out on great seats in the process & ended up with nothing in the end. I called to ask for help 3 times, only to be hung up on, be told the presale was over ( which it wasn't) & be told the third time that no tickets are available. Pure ridiculousness. So ok, I miss out on the presale. So I try for the regular sale only to get constant error messages for an hour. Of course when I finally got through later, no tickets were available. I tried calling, busy signals. So sadly I won't be able to see MUSE this time around, not due to my efforts, but to AXS.COM & their shoddy ticketing system. They are beyond horrible. Sooooo Mad. Anyway, hoping they add a second date but I hope I don't go through the madness again. P.S. If anyone has a pair of extra tickets they're willing to sell, PLEASE PM me!! Thanks!!
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