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  1. Number of Tickets: 1 Type of Ticket: Seated. Block 416 - Row J - Seat 822 Date of Show: Saturday 14th September Venue / City O2 Arena London Price for ticket: £ 80 Payment options: Paypal, bank transfer Other information: I'm selling this ticket for a friend who is not in the group, suddenly has one spare and would prefer that goes to a fan. You can contact me for any details, proof of tickets or arrange how to meet either in the day or before if you prefer mariinhalago@hotmail.com
  2. Oh, Thanks so much for the answers!!! See u all there, fast walkers!!!!
  3. Hey guys!! This is gonna be my first London O2 standing gig and I have a doubt. I want to try and get to front row barrier, but I've only done that with MUSE in tiny venues or stadium tour where you queue in different doors, and then once they open your door you just run like there is no tomorrow (but without running). No idea how it works in this case, since the O2 has only one main entrance. Does everybody queue outside until they open the doors and then run to the inside door and wait again there until 6pm?? I have entrance F and that's like in the back of the main entrance....do I need to train for the sprint? I'm getting stressed Thanks for any information!!! I can't wait til 3rd April!!!!!!!!!!
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