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  1. The show in Berlin at the Mercedes Benz Arena was sold out but i dont know why they didnt published as sold out. I work at the Venue and our Supervisor said that it was sold out
  2. so more dates will be announced soon and Matt just wrote on twitter that Mexico and South America will be in the autumn, LA, NY and Chicago will be part of the US Tour and they hope to do a tour in Japan in September
  3. in Berlin you have a erfect location for an openair show like the Waldbühne for like 20k people makes more sense then a stadium show in cologne
  4. Matt said to a Spanish radio channel that Madrid will be the European Tour Final
  5. I have a feeling that they will play at Lollapalooza in Berlin next year...
  6. could be an option to Berlin but i guess they will do an Arena Tour in the Mercedes Benz Arena cause of the Stage setting etc. Festival would be only possible for Album Promo tour
  7. Yea 13-14 songs I guess. TDS and Something Human debut and definitely Thought Contagion and Dig down and the rest will be hits like uprising, hysteria, pib etc. I live in Berlin and thinking about to buy a ticket for 45 euro. I'm still not 100 sure about. Seeing Muse in a small venue would be really good... Liam's gig last year was broadcasted on German tv NDR but in the guide I couldn't see something for a live broadcast
  8. Ah yes. I guess it will be the reeperbahm festival at Friday night. According to Bild will there be a "very special guest" at 23 pm so the chance that it will be Muse is really high... Edit : I guess we have to wait till Thursday midnight for an official announcement. Last year's headline Liam Gallagher was also a very special guest 2 weeks before his new album release. So it will be MUSE 99%
  9. a little question !! why did they removed the full gig from their youtube channel ? i mean okay i watched it 3 times now but this gig must be somewhere everytime
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