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  1. That is shocking! and then after Thursday they will bump up their prices even more. Ticket Master obviously gets a cut from these touts...
  2. A girl on another thread claimed to have got her tickets half an hour ago after trying... and another person claiming that they release tickets in batches.. so when one lot is sold out.. they issue more later on. I don't know how true this is.. but good to know if you try on Thursday :-)
  3. Yeah it will be interesting to know how many were available... O2 also have them on Priority moments pre-sale ... try there too... I managed to get them after nearly 10 minutes of refreshing the page... so on Thursday don't give up too early! and failing that - on Thursday find a friend who has high speed internet - My mate never fails getting tickets since her work upgraded to HSI. haha..
  4. It took about 7 minutes of refreshing the page to get my tickets on the pre-sale! So excited! I didn't think i would be so successful! After standing for 5 Muse gigs, i have decided to go seating this year and take it all in without trying to see over somebodies fat head.. haha. We got block 120 - but as its a 360 stage - I dont know how this is going to work or if my seats will be good or not! but who cares... MUSE!!
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