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  1. I know people hate selling on this website but this is a desperate measure I'm Already upset as it is that I can't make it!! So I am selling my 2 standing muse tickets for face value only at Dublin 3 arena 5th April.
  2. i could probably find someone who is! a friend of mine tried to buy tickets for something else with 3 and it didn't work so i wish i had my muse code!! it isn't fair
  3. yeah i registered before the 9th but i didn't click on the email i was sent until after the 9th?
  4. i could cry I'm so scared i won't get tickets on the general release!! the help email never respond either i don't know what to do
  5. i only joined this today but i registered on the muse.mu website before the 9th
  6. i registered way before the 9th but didn't click on the email it sent me till after, does that mean i can't get a code??
  7. it won't show me Dublin I can't scroll any further how did you get yours?
  8. it doesn't show me any other gig just france?
  9. below my code it says about the France tour, can I use this code for any gig? I want to buy for Dublin tomorrow not France!! lol
  10. my pre sale code on my members page is that for any gig? it says France below it so I'm worried i can't use it for Dublin? help a girl out
  11. i can see a resale code on my members area but it says under it France world tour? is this my code only for france I'm a little confused!! I want to buy tickets tomorrow for Dublin is this the code i use? please help
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