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  1. I ordered the CD the 06th november. Not yet received (Belgium). Delay or lost order ?
  2. J'habite en Belgique. Il y a des grèves à la poste ces jours ci ... :-( J'ai pré commandé le coffret Luxe mais jamais je n'ai eu un numéro de tracking visible. J'ai reçu un mail avec un numéro d'envoi, sans lien.
  3. For Germany (ticketmaster.de) it's indicated on the general conditions that tickets will be delivered generaly within 4 working days. 4 days from booking ? So early. Do they use normal post or international deliveries such as UPS or DHL ?
  4. I see all the delivery methods but don't see the possibility of electronic tickets !!! That's a joke ?
  5. What do they mean by : "To avoid issues accessing your code for the Members Presale, it is strongly advised to log in & write down your code before Wednesday." ? If I'm loged in on muse.mu at time of pre sale. Other action required ? I need to log in one day before ??? Thks.
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