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  1. Anyone got a Cort MBC-1 they don't want anymore? Looking for a fun summer project, since Rangga helped me realize how much the MBC-1 could look like the 007... Open to trades/offers, whatever you guys got!
  2. Glad to see Muse hit the south since they missed us on the Drones Tour. Excited for the show!
  3. Got a gently used FSK-101 driver here. Comes with the plastic clip detached for ease of installation. Only mark is on the front, and it is only visible in direct light. The circuit board may be for sale, however I have to make sure it functions correctly. Asking $90 shipped. Email me at colemanhaynes6@gmail.com for questions or if you are interested!
  4. Hi Mittle!

    I was browsing the forums from a month back and I saw that you had a Manson for sale if I am correct. If that is still for sale I would like to further discuss that guitar. Thanks!

    Coleman Haynes

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