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  1. Логично, что тихо, а зачем здесь чего-то обсуждать, если есть официальное сообщество Muse вк и родненькие русскоязычные фанатские паблики? Ну леньки людям лазить на официальные сайты и напрягать мозги, завидев латиницу
  2. Finally!!! We have been waiting for 5 years :D Thank you!
  3. 1. Both you and your works are fabulous, mesmerizing and totally mind-blowing YES! Precisely!; 2. Please, please, please don't give up drawing!!! It will be very painful for many of those who already are in love with these awesome things(particularly me); 3. Can I download it somehow to install as a wallpaper? 4. This electrifies my life now. This gives me daily inspiration in a way nothing ever did. Thank you! P.S: Please don't think I'm trolling. I just was too emotional:$
  4. Why are you so pessimistic about Matt? 1. Calling some bad voice changes after, say, 35, natural , inevitable and not worthy to upset is the same thing as calling wrinkles and obesity after, say, 40, even more natural and inevitable. Anyone who takes care of himself will neither get fat nor lose the vocal range completely. Aren't there any examples of people older than Matt who still sing as good/ high as in their early days? There are. Is Matt worse? 2. Matt sings decently if he wants to. He hit his highest note this year. Why he doesn't want to sing as good as he can sometimes, is another question. 3. Can we help Matt anyhow? Can we change the current situation? None of us will go and sing the last part of DI/Madness instead of Matt, no matter how much we write about it here. Should we still discuss it if we can't do anything about it? Well, in fact, we can help. We can go to church and pray...what if it works?
  5. I love green:happy: Chamber band of symphonic orchestra " Résonance "(Камерная группа симфонического оркестра "Résonance ") They also covered SMBH and other stuff.
  6. The quality here can`t be more awful, but anyway... Starts from 1:57
  7. As for me, ALL live fully piano versions of Muse songs sound MUCH better than the original : Hoodoo, Screenager, Endlessly, Sunburn and so forth... If a song ( or any part of it ) was originally written for the guitar, it doesn't mean they will always play it this way. Who knows, Aftermath may also become a piano ballad...
  8. My first poll, moreover, my first thread
  9. The one about any socio-political stuff: war, peace, illuminati and so forth...
  10. I was reading your post while listening to The Globalist and it seems to me that this smile slaps it's mouth exactly in the rhythm of heavy section. Anyone else noticed ?
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