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  1. I'm in the minority on Simulation Theory. While it's different (Break It To Me and Propaganda in particular work very successfully for me), other songs I just find boring and not my genre. It's a tossup for me between T2L, Drones, and ST. They each have their high points and low points *for me*. If I had to pick one least favorite, I'd have to pick ST. While Showbiz is uneven, it is just more my style of music.
  2. Hmm...I must admit that I listen to pretty much no pop music (besides when my daughters are playing music in our cars and such), but would this even be appealing to the US crowd? They are no longer raw and hard enough for rock fans in the US to like them and besides Madness, pop fans don't care. At least that is what I find among people I know. All I know is that for me, OOS, Absolution, and Black Holes were masterpieces (and to a lesser extent Showbiz and The Resistance) and that T2L and Drones, while they had their moments, were not at the same level. Dig Down is OK at best and this new song is maybe a little better.
  3. Getting better after a few more listens. I think I will always find it too much of a rehash of Madness and Dead Inside though. After reading what you quoted me on, I see how you might have been confused because in one sentence, I said I loved Madness and then said the 75% rock thing. For the record, I prefer it when Muse stays closer to a straight ahead rock band. Madness is the 25% experimental portion, not that Madness the song itself is 75% rock/25% experimental.
  4. Have only listened once, but...it's *OK* Clearly, Madness-ish. Will take some more time to fully form an opinion, but I am more disappointed than not. And, this is coming from someone who loves Madness. I like my Muse with 75% rock (The Handler, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome) and 25% experimental/electronic, not the other way around.
  5. While I am with everyone else on the "we need much better setlists" thing, my two cents...a few are suggesting a Madness rotation and that makes no sense. It was their biggest US hit by miles. It is always going to need to be in US shows for casual fans. Now, UD is a different story which I could do without.
  6. Wow. I am relatively young in my Muse fandom, so I only discovered Showbiz the album within the last few months, but Showbiz the song not amazing? It is probably in my top 5 or so Muse songs. I must be the only Muse fan that thinks OOS is a little overrated and Showbiz a little underrated. I honestly didn't get around to listening to Showbiz for a while because I thought I would compare it unfavorably to other albums, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. Hmm...American sound?? Not sure what to make of this. I mostly love Revolt (prefer Reapers and the Handler, but not relevant), so maybe I am influenced by being an American and listening to American music. However, I would like to think that good rock music goes across continents. I guess the fact that Aftermath, my least favorite song on Drones, reminds me of a song from Mutt's ex Shania Twain fits my American profile. :-)
  8. Yeah, for what it's worth, I have been surprised to see a number of commercials for the show on I think it has been the local NBC affiliate. I got my tickets Friday afternoon in center stage Section 111, Row T. Was trying to get as close as possible down low while not doing GA as my wife is not a fan of being on the floor. I remember T2L show I believe at what was at the time the US Airways Center and I hope the Gila River Arena isn't too empty this time.
  9. And, maybe it is just my varied tastes. My two favorite bands are Muse and Tool. One time on a forum that I was looking at, someone felt the same and asked for similar bands and someone was like "dude, you're offending fans of each band by likening them to each other". When I disagree...they are both enormously talented rock bands. They at least have that in common.
  10. Well, I agree with you of course. Even though Slipknot is one of their favorites, they still love slightly less heavy bands like Foo Fighters. Or stuff that I tend to not like like I don't know the Raconteurs or AFI and they will occasionally play Radiohead's Creep. However, the big point...they play Uprising and Madness at times. Surely, we all think that Hysteria is harder than those?
  11. My two cents...as someone who lives in the Phoenix area... Gotta agree that people as far as I can tell just aren't talking about Muse in the US. On FM here, it's weird. Multiple stations here in various formats gobbled up Madness. there is an Alternative station here, but it is too out there for my tastes. but, I think they have been playing DI and Mercy plenty. the station I listen to more, 98 KUPD, plays Uprising and KOC and Madness all *very* occasionally. KUPD is very active hard rock. Their bread and butter are bands like Slipknot. I have *never* heard Hysteria on KUPD which I don't get. They are ignoring Drones completely. Why they haven't released the Handler as a single for the harder rock fans in the US, I will never know. Agreed that they seem to be handling their promotion in the US all wrong. Highly doubt that Gila River Arena (where the NHL Phoenix Coyotes play) will be very full on 12/5.
  12. (Getting ready to duck...) Keep in mind that I was slow to get into the band. More started with Absolution. It along with BHAR are my favorites. And, I have typically found Origin of Symmetry a bit overrated. Only started listening to Showbiz within the last couple weeks and I am kind of obsessed with it at the moment. For *me personally*, Origin of Symmetry is at best only a little better overall than Showbiz. In particular, I am not a big fan of Bliss-Space Dimentia (and New Born to a lesser extent). I know...controversial opinion...am I the only one who thinks OOS is a little overrated?
  13. Ugh...this joker is not complimentary... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/06/stan-wawrinka-bored-watching-muse-perform-dead-inside
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