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  1. oh by closest I mean closest to the Goffertpark. The Sanquin Sanadome also has thermal baths. And taking the bus to Amsterdam will probably mean you will be in a traffic jam after the concert....
  2. All of them? Dont'look at the hotels in the package, they aren't all hotels we have. The Sanquin Sanadome is closest, Bastion is also close by. The Mercure is next to Nijmegen Central train station, the Van Der Valk hotel is in Nijmegen Lent(next to Nijmegen Lent train station). Also check out Credible, Courage, Oranjestaete, Amrath Belvoir, Nimma(a bit futher from the centre), if you want to go fancy Manna and Blue, and I'm sure there are more. Also why go all the way to Amsterdam late at night, if Nijmegen doesn't work out Arnhem is closeby or even Den Bosch is half an hour by train.
  3. Got a ticket! And am kinda hoping for De Staat as a support act because they were a support act on the Drones tour AND they are from Nijmehen...
  4. Got my ticket for Goffertpark(Nijmegen)! Had the album presale code and was easy and quick!
  5. Was going for Nijmegen(I live here) and got my ticket
  6. apparently a dutch 30 Seconds to Mars fansite has posted that 30STM will be the support act in Nijmegen, has anyone else heard this? Am still hoping for de Staat....
  7. I'm so happy that Muse is coming back to Nijmegen, I just ordered the cd even though I don't have a cd player(had already preordered it on iTunes, and the cd is going to a friend). I'm just now hoping that they'll ask De Staat as a support act, since they are a previous support act AND from Nijmegen!
  8. Hi I loved that first tshirt(with the flowers) but the sizes were to small in Amsterdam. Does anyone know if it also went up to an xl? I did get a sweater though and that is wonderfully soft
  9. Those of you who get to see De Staat, enjoy, their gig was awesome and their album O is great! PS search for Witch Doctor Doornroosje on youtube
  10. Hi thanks for your replies. I guess its kind of a compliment, that they sound too good to be real
  11. So my colleague saw them at Pinkpop, which he visits every year, and....... thought it wasnt live. Basically he saw a lot of Matt running around playing his guitar and he reckoned it sounded too perfect. Has anyone else heard rumours like this?
  12. Oh bloody hell I hated that captcha. Couldnt get standing but seated kept putting me well inside a row which I dont lije so I clicked on 'find another seat' loads of times which meant more Captcha's(and a few not tickets available) but got a seat next to one at the end of a row in block 102. Few!
  13. Alice: RT @3voor12: @ingek73 vanavond in de tv-uitzending op NPO3! (22:35u) there will probably be more acts shown though
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