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  1. Well, the more than one month old account is for the official muse page not for the official muse forum, so i had to create a new one here, thats why this one is one day old, but don`t worry i already fixed this issue. How do i close this thread? haha
  2. Hello, well the thing is that, i want to purchase the tickets to the concert in santiago chile, to buy the pre-sale tickets i need to have a specific code that proves i have been member of the muse community for over 1 month, i do have this code, but the e-mail associeted with this account is blocked and i can`t get in it, so i`m afraid that when i purchase the tickets, i could not enter this account and lose the money and the tickets, is there anyway to use my code with another account? or change the e-mails account? Sorry for my bad english
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