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    Toronto 1/16/16
  1. You are in Europe... Go look at the North American Setlists in 2015/16 - they had UD and Resistance every night, and no sign of Stockholm, TaB, and Plug In, Bliss and Citizen were scarcely played.
  2. jessebasi

    Pre-Show Songs

    In Toronto, I remember there was The Hills by the Weekend (where's the noose?) and Straight Outta Compton.
  3. Your current signature is great.

  4. It probably won't be on until at least by the end of the Euro leg.
  5. How about we all stop bickering, and together, once the Finland show is finished, campaign for something new. Muse play four nights in specific cities AROUND THE WORLD, in 1500-3000 capacity venues. They play their entire discography across the 4 nights. They don't have to say which records they're doing which night, so the hardcore fans, who're fine with the entire discography, can go see the shows. Example could be: Night 1: BH&R/Showbiz Night 2: Origin/Drones Night 3: T2L/Non-Album Tracks and Rarities (eg. Dead Star, Eternally Missed, Fury...) Night 4: Resistance/Absolution Cities could include (give or take a few): North America: Toronto Montreal Boston New York Chicago Vancouver San Francisco Los Angeles Phoenix Denver Europe: London Paris Dublin Berlin Antwerp/Brussels Amsterdam Rome/Milan Madrid/Barcelona Stockholm Glasgow Oceania: Sydney Melbourne Auckland This would also let the band rediscover their whole catalogue, and, at regular gigs, play what sounds the best.
  6. Showbiz: Overdue (I still love it though...) Origin of Symmetry: Feeling Good (ditto what I said for Overdue) Absolution: Endlessly Black Holes: Soldier's Poem (Just because it's barely a song) Resistance: Guiding Light The 2nd Law: Big Freeze (I'm like Dom in the making of video...) Drones: Revolt Non-Album Songs: Neutron Star Collision (miles worse than Execution Commentary)
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