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  1. It's a great song but I dislike the drumming in the verses. I felt like the synth melody form the beginning was going somwehre, but it ended up being covered by generic drums. Other than that I loved it.

  2. Anyone else already skipping Get Up and Fight lol


    Also, double posting this from the Algorithm thread, but if Muse had built on the atmosphere and sound of Algorithm, TDS and The Void and made a whole album of dark, grand synth stuff with a prog/classical tinge and electro rockers like MoTP, it would have been fucking amazing


    I dream of nothing else lol

  3. Man it feels good to love Muse again. I've drifted away after The Resistance and hadn't bought an album of their's since but they've got me with this one :D


    Feel like a teenager again today, addicted to Muse like nothing has changed.


    I know right! So refreshing. Last time I've been so excited about Muse album post-release was TR.

  4. Absolute highlights:

    Algorithm (both the main and alternate version)

    The Dark Side (again both versions)



    The Void


    Other decent to good songs:


    Break It To Me

    Thought Contagion


    Low points:

    Dig Down

    Something Human

    Get Up And Fight? (I don't know what to think of that one yet...)



    All in all: I like it. A lot! :)


    Pretty much what I think although I loved Break it to Me

  5. Anyone who hopes, wishes, or actively encourages other people/fans to leak anything, is a colossal thundercunt. Even more so those who then get arsey/aggressive about people not leaking. Srsly, do one you cretins. Get some self-restraint.


    Hey calm down, crazy. Let people enjoy the hype. No one is aggressive, but you.

  6. How the fuck this didn't leak yet. Counted like 7 different people on instagram with CDs or vinyls in my 5 minute research


    ikr, annoying. When the first few people got new AM's record it leaked like 2-3 hours later. And now it's more than a day and still no leak on the horizon.

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