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  1. So what setlist will they be likely to play when it will be filmed?
  2. This is my phonecase, I also have one of the Resistance cover (not a concert one, planning to make one soon!)
  3. Somehow easily got 4 standing tickets in the pre-sale, never felt so blessed:LOL:
  4. I would be tired of all that running and jumping even after one minute, so much energy...
  5. You've got to be the best You've got to change the world And use this chance to be heard Your time is now Kind of cheese, but somehow it always gives me motivation. I have had recurring nightmares That I was loved for who I am And missed the opportunity To be a better man One of their best lyrics.... Our wrongs Remain unrectified And our souls Won't be exhumed Okay I totally suck in describing what those songs do to me but somehow those ones always give me a certain feeling...
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