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  1. Hello, it is me, not a member of the algorithm squad. aren't the algorithm squad so cool and suave and handsome? Honestly if I could I'd marry the algorithm squad. btw here's the contact info for the algorithm squad, if you feel the same way about them:
  2. I still like the song after listening a couple more times. eh idk, I understand the complaints but it's perfectly fine to my ears
  3. In terms of songwriting, this song is the best of the singles. Thought Contagion = Something Human Dig Down
  4. How would you all rank the singles we've gotten?
  5. where has the theory about 8 acoustic tracks come from?
  6. Maybe the benefit of lowered expectations, but I'm digging it. It's a solid pop song.
  7. I doubt they'll take them off the album. Unless Matt had a stroke of inspiration and made a concept album where those don't make sense on it (although any concept album they'd do would fit perfectly with it because us vs them / resist)
  8. People were comparing older and newer muse stuff and talking about disappointment in new stuff or how Drones gets shit on too much and there's too much pessimism surrounding Muse's new stuff. You basically did the same thing as the first group except compared hype levels for two different albums by different artists. Let's let both comparisons go unmolested.
  9. There's also such a thing as over saturation. Look at Rihanna, she was obviously worn out after constantly touring and releasing music. She left, came back a few years later, and there was a lot more hype surrounding her album then there would have been if she had not taken a break.
  10. I think the new album will turn out to be at least a 7. On the topic of being more excited for other band's albums, that happened to me last year. I got sucked into the five album releases from KGATLW, never been more hyped tbh.
  11. Honestly, I think Pitchfork is very preoccupied with being perceived as tastemakers. I get the impression that plays into their ratings of music more than the actual music at times.
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