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  1. I went to see Foos there last June, and getting out of the grounds was an absolute nightmare. Total bottleneck up to the gates, and then the stewards were letting a few people at a time go up the road towards the shopping centre. Quite a few people panicking that they would miss their train.
  2. It's on Iplayer now. Seem to be two goes at it - the one that has the first part and then skips to Underworld, and another one with the whole lot.
  3. Surely it's more newsworthy that there was an occasion when it didn't crash
  4. Some of us are old and have got dodgy knees, so a comfy seat is something to be cherished Sitting doesn't prevent shouting, singing and clapping, along with a bit of foot stomping and nodding!
  5. Got my ticket and just booked Lewisham Premier Inn. Thanks for the heads up, Norwichred. Congrats to you and your partner too
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