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    Virgin Festival 2006 (09/09/2006) - Toronto, ON
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    Air Canada Centre (04/09/2013) - Toronto, ON
    Air Canada Centre (04/10/2013) - Toronto, ON
    Stade Charles-Ehrmann (06/26/2013) - Nice, France (Unsustainable Stadium Tour!)
    Webster Hall (05/08/2015) - New York City, NY
    The Mayan Theater (05/15/2015) - Los Angeles, CA
    KROQ Weenie Roast (05/16/2015) - Irvine, CA
    Air Canada Centre (01/16/2016) - Toronto, ON
    Bell Centre (01/20/2016) - Montreal, QC
    Bell Centre (01/21/2016) - Montreal, QC
    Festival D'ete (07/16/2017) - Quebec City, QC
    Budweiser Stage (07/18/2017) - Toronto, ON
    Osheaga Music & Arts Festival (08/05/2017) - Montreal, QC
  1. Hey Matt, Chris & Dom! From a hardcore fan, thanks for an awesome Canadian tour last month! Can you please release more footage from the 2013 Zepp gig in Tokyo, Japan?
  2. I literally lost my shit when I saw Matt's guitar tech hand him the 7-string Manson, which he only uses for 1 song - Citizen Erased!!!!!!!! Thank you again to the band & crew for adding it to the setlist last night! It was surreal to finally hear that song live! And thanks to everyone that tweeted with #Citizen4Toronto Here's hoping the 2 Montreal shows this week are just as good as last night was!
  3. To anyone attending the Toronto show tomorrow night, PLEASE tweet Matt, Chris, & Dom (maybe even Morgan, Glen & Dom Anderson) with the hashtag #Citizen4Toronto I'm planning to print a bunch of CITIZEN ERASED signs and hand them out to the first few dozen people in the GA queue. Hoping that if enough people tweet & hold the signs up, then they will play it. Would be the first performance in Toronto since 2004!
  4. I got tickets for Webster Hall through the pre-sale! I literally finished the transaction 2 minutes after they went on sale & the website crashed not long after that. That gig had the craziest pit I've ever been in! Would have tried to go to the iHeartRadio gig in NYC, but I flew to Vegas to see Metallica & Linkin Park at Rock In Rio instead I struck out on the Mayan pre-sale & regular on sale (thanks AXS!), but I had already booked a trip to California to go to the KROQ Weenie Roast. I went to the venue anyways the day of the gig to see if anyone had an extra ticket; no luck after 5 hours of trying - despite my makeshift sign saying I'm from Toronto. But miraculously, someone affiliated with Muse (or the venue) came to me just before the opening band was supposed to go on, asked if I was still looking for a ticket, and slapped a wristband on me! My face was literally this --> I couldn't believe it! (If whoever gave me that ticket sees this, thank you again!)
  5. I'm so excited for the gig on Saturday night! I got a VIP GA ticket, so hoping to get a great spot at the barrier for the show. Does anyone know how to get a Meet-and-Greet with the band?? This will be my 9th Muse gig & probably the most excited for this one because of the insane stage design! I was lucky enough to see 3 of the 4 shows on their Psycho U.S. Tour back in May - Webster Hall (NYC), The Mayan (LA), and KROQ Weenie Roast (Irvine)! Can't believe they played rarities like The Groove, Apocalypse Please (2x), Bliss (2x), Assassin (!!), & Hyper Music (!!!) on that tour! Hoping they play Citizen Erased on Saturday!!! It's my favourite song & have never heard it live!
  6. ,please if you still have it available, i am at the venue and trying to find 1 ticket! I am from toronto, canada!!!
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