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  1. indonesian i suppose? ketemu yuk di sana hahahaha
  2. mau ke fujirock festivall ? saya dari indonesia juga kira kira bisa meetup di sana enggaa?

  3. yeah im planning to go but i dont neither have friends and experience in live concert attending. so it would be appreciated if you guys happened to see muse in fuji rock festival. i mean.. "let's watch it together" kind of hehehehe thank you:D
  4. hello fellow muser this early july im going to move to osaka. andi really wanted to go to fuji rock . but the thing is that i dont really know how to go to naeba from osaka , so if any of u guys happened to be in osaka and wanted to go to fuji rock. im hoping that we can go together hahahhaa i dont really have a good japanese,since im going to learn in japanese languaage school so that is quite a problem for me ..
  5. hello fellow muser!!! i just want to ask if are there anyone here that lived in osaka ? because im gonna move there and iv planned to go to fuji rock festival but i dont know how hehehe *btw im still "underage"(i guess) so basicly i dont know what should i do heheheh
  6. hello sayaka.

    sorry but do you have any plan to attend fuji rock festival this summer to watch muse?

    if you are and you don't mind then could you help me ?

    i will be moving to osaka this early july , and i really want to watch muse concert .....

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