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  1. Did he ever actually stop doing the bliss falsetto?


    Can’t remember the last time I saw it but he did it at mancs acad






    the best recent version was that one from Mayan during Drones promo....pro shot on youtube ! Insane

  2. He sang waaaay way deeper way more hero vocal in 2011. Go back and listen to it. This is a nice middle ground between earlier whinier years and full blown hero vocal.


    What does "hero vocal" actually mean? The effects on it? Or vocal stylistics?

  3. Perhaps live we will get to hear it as the heavier version Matt originally talked of....

    "The verse of the song, originally, was probably a lot more heavy-sounding than it is now, in terms of [having a] much more arena sound, drum kit kind of thing. But we wanted to experiment with programming the verse and go for more of a slightly trap or 808 drum feel for the verses, which took the song in a bit of a different journey.nothing" - Rolling Stone

  4. the choreographed dancing reminds me of this....

    It's been awhile...

    Also, to all the naysayers, you're allowed to dislike the track but don't kid yourself, Muse have always made fairly commercial music, in conjunction with moments that are left field on albums...

    Time is Running Out, Supermassive, Starlight, Resistance, etc...

    The main differences now, are age and production...

    Where as, in the old days, Matt's vocal takes were less smooth, more rough round the edges, more raw.

    Now it's sometimes a little too "perfect" and mixed to within a inch of its life.

    This track has potential to be fun live...I'm sure the other 10/11 tracks on the album will include 3-4 Muse songs that shred like S.S and your other favourites...

    The singles will be a stab to reach new demography though, that's just how it is...

    This video and sound is still beautifully strange and yet commercial at the same time...kinda a hard middle ground, I'd say ! Miles better than Dig Down IMO.


  5. Oh cool! Since they've played the exact same setlist since coming back to the States, this hopefully means we get some good pro shots of B&H and TaB.


    Unless they don't play them. :$


    Watching the Pro Shot now...I have to say, Matt's sounding really great of late and he's giving way more to the showman side than the last 2 years...he genuinely seems a bit more free'd up and loose...That's one of the best version he's done of "Dead Inside" in a long time, love the jams around it...

    He just seems to be enjoying a lighter tour schedule and he's giving more in his performances...Nice to see.

  6. Just watched these


    Take A Bow (Reading 2006)




    Take A Bow (Reading 2017)


    Honestly, there's not much difference between the two, I think production and everything considered, I actually prefer 2017...He doesn't sound too far away from 11 years at all, just little bits here and there, I listened to each line on it's on and switched between the two...

    Matt's sounding pretty good at the moment, if you ask me...

    lighter tour schedule helps.

  7. Holy shit did that just happen. The first "Controlling my feelings for too long..." was just pure magic, shivers down my spine and tears in my eyes.


    I'm so fucking happy, came down all the way from Finland to see them, got Showbiz and TaB and the whole set was good. Currently just trying not to cry in the train on the way to London


    Brilliant man, brilliant, they were sounding pretty awesome on stream and to get to see those songs in particularly is always amazing !! Remember 8 weeks ago who would of bet on Showbiz being in a set list for Leeds/Reading? That's right no-one !!

    We can be over the moon and celebrate for a while ,right ! Also it's a showbiz that is sounding great for Matt in 2017, if u ask me !

    Oks, now Muse can go back to the shite for USA :p haha

    See you next year for the theatre tour that u can clearly see Dom is gagging for again !!

  8. Laughed out loud at that :LOL:


    Brian sounded better than in his last years with AC/DC I think. He actually did some singing not just screaming his lyrics


    Yea a bit better...a break will do that for ya and perhaps he's using one of those new IEM's testers for his bad hearing...I doubt he'll be able to do significant touring though !

    Nice to see the boys bring him back and keep to promise of a special guest

    Wow...they getting better at delivering on their hints...SBE was what they promised and now this , good stuff Muse !

  9. Watching Liam Gallagher right now. Crowd looks great, audio and video quality is great (even mix) too




    Find beebs extension for Google Chrome


    Mix is decent, vocals not buried...let's hope it stays like this !

    Hope Muse keep Showbiz (for the proshot) but rest can mix it up as much as they like for me :) New Born would be nice !

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