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  1. yeah I did...totally unreal! can't believe I was even able to say anything let alone ask for a pic haha. we lucked out, walked right back to the venue after getting water just as they came out! crazy!
  2. ahh I was number 45! it was so awesome to meet you all!!! Best gig of my freaking life! see everyone on the US tour
  3. I agree with this! Here's my prediction/wish list: Psycho Apocalypse Please Bliss Dead Inside The Groove Time Is Running Out Interlude/Hysteria Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Futurism Stockholm Syndrome Uprising Reapers Encore: Animals Plug In Baby Knights of Cydonia
  4. Just want to say hello and how excited I am about this gig! New forum member, but muse.mu member for a couple years now. Coming from DC, third time ever seeing Muse. Can't wait to see you all!
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