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  1. I agree! I loved it...it was the first time I queued that long (11 hours)...so I didn't like seeing numbers like #180something trying to cut the line. Also appreciated one lady who was camped out take over that mess the staff refused to address - she got almost everyone back in line. props to her if she's on here. I was hoping for Fury too but after I heard the set I thought, I'm pretty happy
  2. hell of a show!!!!! had the best time on that floor surrounded by you crazies!! soooo pleased with the set Reapers(!!!) freaked when i saw the piano on stage loved the bounce of the floor no actual complaints, what more is there to say?! definitely worth the wait outside all day. ...can't wait for the tour
  3. Crazy amped for this!!!! Ahhh!! 4 hour drive tomorrow! I second the sunscreen advice... gonna be interesting guessing which of you in line are from the boards i am such a newbie to the boards here so I doubt anyone's very interested in me however.
  4. Soooooooo close!! Gonna be a nice sunny day, too, for us in line
  5. @SerpentSatellite thanks for the thoughtful response, that's a good read. I agree with a lot of what you said and it makes me wish I did a better job at articulating myself. You're right; I do see how it can be natural not to like the direction a band goes and to feel something when you hear that part(s) or sounds disappearing when they're what got you into Muse in the first place. Maybe my observations are better directed at those fans you described in the beginning. And maybe trying to find the people who relate at least to the idea of liking the artistic process and unfolding within the context of having a "favorite band." I really like the creative process. Even if a song sucks. (Which is why I say maybe I didn't word myself clearly.) Lol. Well...I didn't actually mean "like the song" if you don't like the song. Maybe I just didn't articulate it well enough. And definitely didn't mean to suggest something like a laugh is reason to make someone like the music.
  6. Really, though? I love Muse for Muse. I've loved seeing them change over the years and really like seeing how they choose to express themselves in new ways. This question of "who else likes Muse for Muse" comes up for me whenever I see fans upset at new music. Obviously this isn't exclusive to Muse fans. (But maybe we are more intense about it.) Some people just don't seem to like a band sounding much different from the perception they're used to. So maybe the question is, do you like the band, or just their music? I think some people forget that the band is a creative force that will never be the same. To me, the beauty of music, and especially what Muse does, is that never-ending expansion, as well as the authenticity of the output. What these guys believe in, and how they respect their fans. I trust they are authentic in what they put out there! They're not pulling this stuff out of their ass. Just like you can only hear a song for the first-time-ever once, you can only capture a band in any particular creative phase or journey once. And at that, you're still seeing it from the outside. Muse is more than what they sound like to you in a given moment (or album, or year). So it's one thing to not like a new song, but can you still appreciate them for them? Maybe some fans are wired to look for consistency in their favorite band or seek out the disappointing deviations from what they're used to. I don't relate to that, I love taking it as it comes. I'm sure many of you relate with me. (As the forum category suggests, I'm here to spark discussion about Muse's "creative output" in general, and specifically about songs if you like...not really trying to point to a specific song here, but you may find it relevant to Drones.)
  7. same but that just means we'll be happy to hear what we get! I'll be honest, and I'm shy to admit, but I've never heard Citizen Erased live and I really wish I could.
  8. Well, I definitely feel more touched by the lyrics of TOADA
  9. I feel hopeful for some keys..you never know It'd be amazing to be able to see him play at this small venue! Either way...no complaints here
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