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    Promoting live shows, drawing, graphic design, watching loads of TV shows, moshing, etc etc etc..
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    (VERY varied..)

    Arcane Roots, LostAlone (RIP), Heart of a Coward, letlive, Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps, Skindred.. oh and that Muse band.
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    i watch too many films to name. seriously.
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    The Walking Dead
    The Originals
    The Vampire Diaries
    Better Call Saul
    Bates Motel
    Dracula (RIP)
    Being Human (RIP)
    Teen Wolf
    Breaking Bad
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    rick riordan, darren shan. i don't do that much reading..... blame tv shows.
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    all the obvious ones, nothing exceptionally rare unfortunately..
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    Exeter Great Hall, 2015.
    Thats it.
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  1. haha same, just about to go to work! i'm over in exmouth. heading down at 1 tomorrow, tho we went for seats instead so we didnt have to stress over being super short and undoubtably at the back...
  2. Well all the Level 1 are reserved. It did say originally all Level 2 are reserved too but I guess they've changed their mind lol. We've got specific seats, which is a bum tbh as we didn't even get a say which seat we wanted ha. Oh well
  3. This is my first time seated too, because I was front and centre barrier for Biff earlier this year at SBE and also because I can't be asked with the queue. Expecting people to be crazier than psycho tour for this one so theres no point. I'm row D28/29 on Level 1, thought my mum said row B on the phone so.. oops..... but hey I'm sure it'll be ok. SBE has been quite crazy in the past, and from pics it looks like everyone stands and maybe even (me being hopeful lol) manages to move forward a bit out of their allocated seat. But thats just me judging from pics. I really wanted row A, i'm gutted ticketbastard didnt let us choose our own seats, especially for £104 hahaha
  4. now THATS what I want to know. because I will queue to be at the front of the balcony if that was possible haha. goddamn this is so annoying I wish I wanted standing lol
  5. anyone got any more info on the R&L presale? is it tied to your account? also anyone with seats did you have to choose your seats? what was the price?
  6. I've only ever done standing at SBE before - are the seats on the balconies just first come first served?? Not like reservable?.... no way i'm competing for barrier this time round hahaha cba
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