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  1. Escape Bliss Hysteria Map of the Problematique Uprising Isolated System Reapers
  2. This is a thread for general discussion about the Lyric vids from this album, cos I think they are a prominent enough element of this album that they deserve a thread. Anyways, to start things off I think these videos could have been a great opportunity to make a visual version of the narrative with a protagonist who appears in all the videos living the events of the songs. Just my opinion, anyone else got anything?
  3. Is always pun time, hope you don't find puns too revolting 'cos you won't get any mercy here cos I can keep droning on with these
  4. I suppose a minute would be overstaying it's welcome, but I think they should have done more with the beautiful tremolo bit and resolved that section better 'cos it cuts kind of abruptly I find.
  5. Drill Sergeant is nothing compared to JFK
  6. This is definitely among their heaviest stuff but I think if it developed for another minute it would have the chance to blow SS from it's slot, but as is it's at most on par for me.
  7. I agree, the intro got me really excited for a nice mellow Blackout 2.0, but then it just went downhill and landed in NSC's leftovers
  8. Least cringy moment of the album lyrically
  9. I feel the same way about this song as a do Panic Station, in that they are both just such ridiculous catchy cheese you can't not just go along with it (But Panic Station is actually a good song because SLAP BASS!!)
  10. IMO Dead Star or Stockholm Syndrome outro are the heaviest things they've done
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